Tips for Keeping Employees Healthy During Flu Season

Every year, as the summer heat dissipates, the cold creeps in and the days get shorter, flu season comes with a vengeance. Not only is the flu uncomfortable, unrelenting, and sometimes quite severe, it also has a way of spreading to everyone fairly quickly, especially in an office environment.

While the flu is inevitable, there are some ways that employers can help keep their employees healthy and keep the all-mighty flu from spreading to everyone. So, if you don’t want to lose your whole team for weeks on rotation this season, follow these tips!  

1. Wash your hands

While this might seem obvious, during flu season, this cannot be emphasized enough. Make sure employees are keeping up regular hand hygiene in order to avoid the spread of germs.  

2. Sanitize everything

Ensure that employees have access to sanitation wipes and sprays so that they can sanitize whenever and whatever they feel is necessary. 

3. Deep clean communal areas

Especially break rooms and kitchens. These areas are known to harbour the most germs in the office. It is vital that these areas are cleaned daily and are kept tidy and sanitized. Doorknobs, handles, microwaves, tables and shared utensils and dish-ware are the biggest culprits for germs.  

4. Keep personal areas clean and tidy

This way, you can ensure that the spread of germs is not coming from you. By keeping your own area clean, you are doing your part in helping keep the office healthy.  

5. Provide tissues & hand sanitizer

Splurge on some tissue boxes and hand sanitizer pumps for the office, and put them everywhere as a reminder for employees to keep germ free and practice proper health etiquette.

6. Empty the trash everyday. 

Ensure that your maintenance team is emptying all the trash cans every day. Old tissues piling up in employee wastebaskets seems like a great way to keep germs in the office. 

7. Stay home when you feel sick

Bosses should encourage employees to use those sick days, especially at flu season, when employees present with flu symptoms.  

8. Clean your air ducts

Ideally, get your air ducts and vents cleaned before the winter to remove pockets of dust and dirt that can help breed the the flu, and other viruses and bacteria. Of course, if you haven’t done this yet, late is better than never!

9. Practice proper etiquette

If you sneeze or cough, don’t do so into the palms of your hands. Cover your mouth or nose with a tissue, and then be sure to wash your hands.  

10. Encourage employees to get a seasonal flu shot

Flu shots are available all over the city during flu season at local drug stores and clinics. Help encourage your employees to get their annual shot by finding the drug store closest to the office that is providing them.


Flu season doesn’t have to be a scary time at the office. By following these top tips, though, you can help keep a healthy and happy team all season long.

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