Post Construction Cleaning Pricing

Before turning in the keys to a construction project, the facility has to be entirely and thoroughly cleaned. This is what is known as post construction cleaning.

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Post construction Cleaning Pack: $
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  • Products & equipment, up to 9 hours of labour performed by a team of 2 to 3 cleaning agents
  • Transportation costs: $50.00
  • Cleaning of walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Cleaning of appliances
  • Cleaning of counters, cabinets, and wardrobes
  • Disinfection & cleaning of bathroom(s)
  • Cleaning the inside of the windows
  • Quote is for a 4.5 apartment following renovation works, you have the option of ordering extra time at $40/hr.for each additional normal room (max 200 sq.ft.). Extra time is subject to availability if booked on the day of the job
  • Do not hesitate to call our experts or book a free video consultation to check what is the most appropriate package for you or for a custom quote.
  • All works must be completed before cleaning begins, as work in progress will produce new acumulation of dust .

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Lucy Taylor
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If I could do more than 5 stars I definitely would! The team members of MOM Cleaning are fantastic to work with! They are quick, detailed, always on time, and extremely reliable. Excellent service!
Carina Sweibel
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If you need the job done right, call MOM. Professional, always dependable and most importantly spotless.
Bryan Fitzpatrick
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We employed MOM Cleaning to take care of our cleaning needs. The staffs that completed the job were prompt, efficient, and super-friendly to deal with. I would highly recommend MOM Cleaning to anyone looking for professional cleaning services at a very reasonable price.
Tanya T
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We got deep cleaning, and the job exceeded our expectations 👌
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MOM Cleaning offers A+ service and are extremely responsive to our phone calls and emails. They provide a fantastic cleaning service and we have been using them for a year now. We highly recommend them!

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For work that requires certification, such as running electrical wires through walls, all MOM Cleaning professionals are not only certified, but their work is also systematically documented. They are selected on the basis of their qualifications and reputation, as well as their adherence to our pricing terms. This means that no matter which company works on your premises, you get the same level of quality and the guarantee of a single price. 

These additional qualifications are reflected in the hourly rate as well as in the availability of the service (or its unavailability) in certain regions of Quebec.

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We didn’t invent commercial cleaning, but we’ve made it much better! Using technological tools and best practices, our team can meet all of your commercial cleaning needs. Our specialists are easily reachable during business hours and can make a brief video visit which will allow them to give you a personalized, initial diagnosis. They will then be able to offer you the best commercial maintenance services, no matter how complex the task, at the best price!

Whether it’s cleaning or maintenance, we guarantee that MOM will make a visible difference immediately.

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We closely monitor the commercial cleaning market to ensure that our prices are competitive and affordable. We also regularly evaluate our performance within our industry and occasionally compile data from our various agencies and subcontractors, as well as all the feedback we get from our hundreds of users each month, to ensure that our services are in line with our customers’ expectations. 

We believe that this data-driven approach ensures that our clients get the best deal for their budget, and that we remain transparent.

Secure & Insured

In complement to our commercial cleaning service, we offer disinfection services that protect not only your employees, but also your customers. When you call on MOM Cleaning, you can be sure that you are dealing with professionals who have been on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 since the beginning. We have state-of-the-art equipment and have become one of CIUSSS Montreal’s leading suppliers of disinfection services!

Use of biotechnological, eco-responsible products

MOM uses InnuScience products, biotechnological, eco-responsible and hypoallergenic products designed and manufactured in Quebec.

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Since our inception, we have striven to create the right conditions for our cleaners to be proud to work for us. We want to offer a positive vision of a profession that relies on the quality and consistency of work, provided by a recognized and appreciated staff. Considering our reviews on Google and Facebook, we think we are on the right track!

We are of course attentive to the continuous training and professional development of our teams. But more than anything, we know that it is the consideration of our customers that is the most important facet in achieving and maintaining a superior quality of service, both in our commercial cleaning services and in small jobs.


MOM is one of the few players in its industry to deploy SmartInspect building management software to its customers and team. We gain in efficiency, and you, in productivity.

Overview of Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning applies to both new building projects and renovations or remodeling of older buildings. It happens after all the details have been completed, whatever they may be, having been stipulated in the building contract.

The degree of cleaning to be done by the general contractor may also be spelled out in the contract, and can range from a general cleaning to a much more detailed cleaning.

A detailed cleaning is sometimes subcontracted out to a third party. It can include removing stickers from furniture and appliances, frames and window cleaning, cleaning walls to exterior cleaning, dry and wet dusting of fixtures, polishing the floors, cleaning shelves and cabinets, proper debris removal etc.

Once a thorough cleaning is done, it gives the contractor the possibility to check for loose ends and details that may have eluded their inspection.

The Average Cost of a Professional Cleaning Service

Property managers and owners can often underestimate the time and work they need to put into a post construction cleaning. Despite the savings it generates, doing the cleaning yourself has a number of pitfalls that you can avoid by hiring professionals.

Cost for Commercial Post Construction Cleaning

Remember that post-construction cleaning, while it may be considered more expensive than normal cleaning, is only a one-off. It is a deep clean that requires more than one pass, but once it is done, your space will be ready to move in and easier to maintain tidy over time. For large commercial properties the price will vary between 0.10$ to 0.30$ per square foot.
Size of the space Average Price Range Cost
Per Square Foot $0.10 to $0.30
10 000 sq/ft CAD $1,000 - $3,000
25 000 sq/ft CAD $2,500 - $7,500
50 000 sq/ft CAD $5,000 - $15,000
100 000 sq/ft + CAD $10,000 - $30,000
These prices are lower than for residential because these are large contracts for large areas to be cleaned and therefore more interesting for the contractors. If you want a superior service you can opt for a final cleaning which will go up to $0,50 per square foot but can be negotiated for very large areas. Final interior cleaning: is the detailed cleaning after construction is complete. This includes wiping down all kitchen and bathroom surfaces, vacuuming carpets, cleaning floors, cleaning window sills, removing adhesive from doors, windows and appliances, and removing any debris.

Cost for Residential Post construction cleaning

For residential post-construction cleaning, prices per square foot are slightly higher, between $0,20 and $0,50 per square foot. The surfaces are generally smaller so we estimate an average around $470 and a fourchette between $250 and $700 depending on the size of the house and the extent of the work. If the garden also needs to be cleaned, for example, removing large debris, redoing sections of damaged lawns or cleaning a terrace, there may be additional costs ranging from $100 to $800.
Size of the Space Average Price Range Cost
Per Square Foot $0.20 to $0.50
1,000 sq/ft CAD $200 - $500
2,500 sq/ft CAD $400 - $1,200
5,000 sq/ft CAD $700 - $2,000
10,000 sq/ft + CAD $1,400 - $3,500

For example, post construction cleaning for a 2500 sq/ft house with high end finish (carpets, rugs windows, kitchen etc…) with the outside to clean will cost around 1200$.

Post construction cleaning cost per hour

On average post construction cleaning will cost between 30-50$ an hour per employee

If you hire 3 experienced cleaners for 5 hours it will cost you around 750$.

Professional Cleaners Have the Skills

Post-construction cleaning companies have years of training and apply the best practices on every type of surface. Every type of stain has its own removal techniques, and a professional will not overlook these details (hidden nooks, corners of dust and debris).

From the exterior, most of the aspects of post-construction cleaning look just like normal cleaning, namely dusting, vacuuming, and polishing. Nonetheless, a professional job is more intensive, and often requires equipment such as wet/dry vacuums, floor polishers etc.

Professionals Have the Right Equipment

Renting professional equipment is an option for the DIY cleaner, but it can get expensive quickly. Before deciding on whether to go it alone or hire a cleaning company, you should factor in the cost of these machines.

However, getting a professional guarantees they will have the equipment needed to get the job done thoroughly, with no hidden expenses.

Safety Considerations

Once the contractors have left the site, a professional cleaning company will know what to look for. Indeed, renovations may leave hazardous materials behind such as broken glass or nails hidden under debris or piles of dust.

That very same dust can pose breathing problems to those who are cleaning, so companies will come prepared with masks when required.

A Budget is Determined Beforehand

Undertaking cleaning yourself will mean incurring the costs of cleaning products, materials, rental equipment and adequate disposal of the trash. All these can quickly add up, and any misuse or breakage of equipment can lead to having to pay for compensation.

The budget for a deep clean oftentimes will only be known once the service has been delivered, when all the bills have been counted. Hiring a professional team means you know upfront what the cost is, with no awkward surprises. It takes the uncertainty out of such an endeavour, along with massive time saving.

House (or business) renovations, or getting the keys to a new building are always exciting times. A professional post construction cleaning takes a load off your back and helps you enjoy the property quicker.

Be Aware of the Stages for Post Construction Cleaning

Once you’ve gathered your equipment and removed as much of the fine dust as possible, it’s time to really get to work. Major construction cleaning services are usually undertaken in several steps or phases beginning with a rough clean and finishing up with a final cleaning sometimes a week later.

The General or Rough Interior Cleaning

After the construction project has ended, and the finishing touches have been made, the cleaning can begin. Logically, large items are removed manually first, such as trash, debris, leftover building materials etc.

It is then followed by the sweeping and vacuuming of the site. With the overall absence of dust, stains can be tackled, as well as the removal of stickers and adhesive residues.

The Light Cleaning

This stage often requires equipment and cleaning products, as special attention will be given to rooms such as kitchens or restrooms. This is when cleaners undertake a proper cleaning of toilet bowls and sinks, along with the inner surfaces of different areas such as cabinets, light fixtures and air ducts.

Shiny surfaces are also buffed up, such as glass doors and windows. This cleaning phase affects the whole site, and is not just a superficial cleaning.

The Final or Deep Cleaning

Several days need to go by after the light cleaning. It is because you have to wait for the dust to settle, as it inevitably does following a general cleaning of a construction site, barely a few days prior. As the professional cleaning team returns to the site, leftover smears, stains and smudges become more apparent, and thus promptly removed.

If your contractor doesn’t provide a professional cleaning service after the renovations or construction, you may be tempted to undertake the cleaning yourself.

But even the most diligent DIY cleaner, while respecting the steps mentioned above, may overlook hidden sections of the site that only professional cleaners know about and look for. Learn more on the reasons every business should hire a professional cleaning service. What follows is a list of reasons to consider hiring a post construction cleaning company.

NB: The information in this cost guide is the work of professional writers or cost researchers that rely on a large spectrum of sources ( web, professionals and trade associations, industry publications ). Their purpose is to help you figure out a rough idea of costs, pros and cons of your cleaning or maintenance jobs.

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