Window Cleaning Pricing

A window cleaning services cost between $149 and $295, with an entire house cleaning costing $213 on average. Professional window cleaning costs range from $4 to $11 per window or $4 to $8 per window pane. Cleaning done on the third and fourth floor come at an extra $3 to $5 for each window.

Window cleaning services costs are charged on how many windows and panes there are, window size, the number of house floors, and whether or not the house has window screens. The current status of the windows, as well as the period of service.

shop window being cleaned by a MOM employee

Extra Window Cleaning Costs

Before considering window cleaning, there are some aspects you could consider as they might cause an increase in the cost of the service you seek.

Screen Cleaning

Cleaning screens typically costs $0.50 to $5 per screen or an average of $4.95 more per screen. Some homes in hotter areas feature solar screens, which require particular cleaning procedures that take longer. The cost per screen will be about $10.


Expect to pay extra for window washing done above the first level if you reside in a multi-story home. Because of the time it takes to access second-story and above windows, you may be charged by the hour rather than by the pane. For businesses, the average cost for commercial window cleaning might be increased as it’s highly impacted by the number of floors

Getting Rid of Paint or Stains

The cost of removing paint and stains will be the same as the cost of cleaning that size window. It’ll be the price of that pane if it’s only a single pane out of a bigger sectional window. If there’s paint on the edge of a large window or glass door, the entire fee of cleaning the window or door will be charged.

Window Cleaning Services Prices

Cleaning companies and services will give you a cost based on the hour, the window, and the window glass. A window cleaner, on the other hand, may charge between $45 and $85, depending on how many windows you have. The price will vary depending on whether you choose a window cleaning company that is franchised or a handyman.
Service Average Cost
Per hour flat fee $35 – $60
House call $45 – $85
Per window $5 – $15
3rd + storey window $13 – $20
Per pane $4 – $8
3rd+ storey pane $6 – $12
Per window screen $0.50 – $5

Home Window Cleaning Cost By Home Size

Depending on the window cleaning cost per square foot and number of windows, house window cleaning prices or commercial window cleaning price per square foot (small business) might cost anywhere from $185 to $570.

Window Quantity Square Feet Price
10 1,000 $185
15 1,500 $245
24 2,400 $353
32 3,200 $449
42 4,200 $569

Window Cleaning Cost Per Window

Cleaning the interior and exterior windows of a complete house (or small business) can cost anywhere from $185 to $570, depending on the square footage and quantity of windows.

Window Cleaning Cost Per Hour

The majority of businesses charge per pane since it’s more lucrative for them and assures that the customer is neither overcharged nor undercharged. A window cleaner’s hourly fee is between $40 and $80.

Window Cleaning Cost Per Pane

  • Storm windows – Storm windows with three to four panes cost $30 each, with more than four panes costing more.
  • Garage doors – Each garage door pane costs $1.
  • Skylights – May also be cleaned and costs around $27 each.
  • Sunburst window – can contain four sections in the top portion and four sections in the lower half of a double-hung design, and another four or five sections in the semicircle part at the top.

Window washing may range from $4 to $12 per pane, with most households spending between $4 and $8. For difficult-to-reach windows on the third or fourth levels, add $1.50 to $2.50 for each pane. Companies charge per pane rather than a set price since it’s more reasonable for the client.

Pricing Window Cleaning

The sliding double-pane window, also known as a double-hung window, is the most popular style of window and its commercial window cleaning cost is around $4 per pane of glass to clean. Certain windows with multiple parts separated by trim will cost more than a comparable-sized window without trim. Any sectional trim makes cleaning more difficult and therefore more expensive.

Window Cleaning Type Average Cost
Sliding windows $4 per window
Casement windows $8 per window
Sunbursts $7
Single glass panels $6
Decorative window $5

Post-Construction Window Cleaning Prices

Cleaning the exterior windows will cost at least $4 for each glass. Interior window cleaning will cost a minimum of $5 per pane. The cost of removing paint, plaster, or dirt from a window is $7. For different types of windows, most firms will add $2 to $5 to their normal cost.

Professional Window Cleaning Cost

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