Janitorial Services

Keeping a clean environment is key to creating a welcoming and pleasant facility. Besides, clean areas boost productivity, so office cleaning services should be essential for all professional offices.

That’s why we’re happy to offer you our team of trained experts committed to making your facility fresh and clean – satisfaction guaranteed. So read on to learn more about our janitorial services.

Janitorial Services by MOM Cleaners

The Importance of Janitorial Services

As time goes by, it’s natural for any place to gradually get messy with shoe prints, dirty cups, dusty tables, etc.

And it’s not hard to imagine how all this clutter can turn any place into a dumpster if it weren’t for frequent cleaning, which is why no business can go without a janitorial service.

Why Use Janitorial Services

Time and Money Savings

A clean and clutter-free environment creates satisfaction for your employees. No one can function at their best in a dirty place. In contrast, commercial cleaning improves business performance by enabling your team to focus on work in a pleasant place.

Furthermore, cleanliness reduces mold and bacteria that affect your team’s safety and could increase health absenteeism, ultimately costing the business.

Increase in Efficiency

Without janitorial services, your staff would need to allot some time from their work to cleaning after themselves, such as doing their dishes or dusting off their desks.

But when you have a dedicated janitorial professional (or more), your employees can focus on their work and leave the cleaning to the janitor.

Our Solutions

Whether you need office cleaning or looking for a residential, industrial, or commercial buildings janitorial service, we provide a customized plan for each facility.

And through our technology-backed approach, we offer our clients an excellent job with a client satisfaction guarantee.

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What Are Janitorial Services?

What’s Meant by Janitorial Services?

A janitorial company takes care of everyday sanitary tasks, such as wiping the floor or washing dishes.

And to ensure the place is always clean, janitorial companies work regularly, usually daily, several days a week, or weekly.

What’s Included in Janitorial Services?

When you hire a janitorial company, expect them to regularly show up to sweep the floor, vacuum the carpets, do the dishes, clean the restrooms, and overall keep your place clean.

Janitorial Cleaning Equipment

Typical janitorial equipment includes soap and chemicals for general cleaning, mops and buckets for sweeping, brooms, brushes, dustpans, and vacuum cleaners for dusting, and sponges as well as cloths for wet cleaning.

Janitorial Services Examples

Janitorial businesses take care of routine cleaning tasks, such as cleaning restrooms, vacuuming the floor and carpets, mopping and waxing hard floors and windows, cleaning the kitchen or cafeteria, and emptying trash cans.

How Much Do Janitorial Services Cost?

While it all depends on the size and condition of your area, janitorial services cost about $25 to $40 per hour, usually per janitor.

Our Janitorial Services

How Do I Choose the Best Janitorial Service for My Work Place?

A commercial cleaning company should be good at these four commercial cleaner qualities: communication, cost, consistency, and confidence.

Standards of Cleaning

Quality, professionalism, and security are the heart of cleaning standards.

After all, a cleaning company is a cleaning company, and quality cleaning should be a regular field day for the company, rather than a great job. And any business in any field should always be professional because no one wants to deal with unprofessional staff.

Lastly, security and safety aren’t as often thought about, but they’re crucial. For example, a janitorial company should strive for the occupants’ safety by integrating bacteria- and mold-reducing strategies.

Our Customized Cleaning Plans

We offer fully customized plans for each business depending on the conditions of its facilities because each business has different cleaning needs.

What Are Janitorial Services?

Janitorial businesses handle everyday cleaning tasks, but they’re not deep cleaning services. So unlike commercial cleaning services, they don’t do deep cleaning, power washing, tile and grout scrubbing, or upholstery cleaning.

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The four categories of cleaning are residential, office, industrial, and commercial cleaning.

While both are suitable for commercial cleaning needs and both offer office cleaning services, the differences lie in the depth and frequency.

Janitorial services are for everyday tasks regularly, but commercial cleaning services are for once-in-a-while more significant tasks and are often bonded and insured.

For example, a janitorial business would vacuum the carpets, but a carpet cleaning service would deep-clean them.

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A janitorial service ensures the office is clean, clutter-free, and work-friendly, which helps workers focus on their job in a pleasant setting and increases productivity.