Increase Productivity with a Clean Environment

a clean office is a more productive company thanks to the work of a professional cleaning company

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As an employer, your goal is to keep your employees motivated and keep productivity high. As an employee, your goal is to work hard and efficiently in order to attain success.

However, the system of success may be hindered if the office environment is disorderly, dirty, and disorganized. How exactly does office cleanliness impact productivity? Here are the top 5 ways.  

  1. A disorderly workspace, flooded with files and papers everywhere can hinder someone’s ability to work efficiently and can even act as a de-motivator for keeping on the task at hand. The mess can be a huge time waster, which isn’t good business.  
  2. Mess is stress. When a workspace lacks organization, employees may encounter more stress in trying to get things done. Not only do they have to deal with deadlines and customers, but now they also have to navigate the office space itself.  
  3. Germs thrive in a messy environment. Neglecting office cleanliness helps create safe spaces for germs to grow and spread, which could result in mass employee sickness. Workspace hygiene is essential in regards to keeping employees healthy and working hard. The worst culprits? The common shared spaces like office kitchens, washrooms or break rooms. These spaces must be kept tidy in order to keep germs and sickness at bay.  
  4. An unkempt workplace can actually be dangerous. Employers and employees may not be aware of workplace hazards and potential risks if the workplace is a mess. Occupational hazards are often the result of maintenance neglect, and therefore is an office isn’t properly cleaned, everyone at the office can find themselves at risk.    
  5. A messy and unclean office is detrimental to employee morale. It gives off the sense that employers don’t care about the office space itself, and therefore sends the message that they may not care about their employees.  

So, what’s an employer to do? Well, in order to promote productivity, it’s essential that business owners take charge of office cleanliness and make it a priority.

This includes making sure that shared and personal spaces are surface cleaned every day and that the office is cleaned professionally daily as well. Furthermore, in order to help with the clutter, managers and business owners should schedule deep-cleans once a month to help really keep stress at bay and productivity soaring.

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