Spring Cleaning Services

Need to revamp your work environment and you’re looking for a spring cleaning service because the task is overwhelming? There is only so much time in a day to go through every corner, behind heavy furniture or in tight spaces like a vent. This is why the dreadful spring cleaning awaits us every year for an ever-expanding task.

Luckily, MOM Cleaning’s spring cleaning service is here to put you at ease and leave your office in pristine condition. MOM Cleaning is also a residential cleaning company that can help you with house cleaning, cleaning and disinfecting, cleaning carpets, move out cleaning and more! With eco-friendly cleaning products and dedicated tools, dirty stains don’t stand a chance.

It’s not because we can’t see them that they are not there. Stains, dust and residues can create clusters in places that are either hidden or out of reach. Spring cleaning is that time of the year when all of those have to go.

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Our Prices for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: $
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  • Products & equipment, up to 6 hours of labour performed by a team of 2 cleaning agents: $240.00
  • Transportation costs: $50.00
  • Cleaning of walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Cleaning of appliances
  • Cleaning of counters, cabinets, and wardrobes
  • Disinfection & cleaning of bathroom(s)
  • Cleaning the inside of the windows
  • Quote is for a 4.5 apartment maintained in normal living conditions. If the overall condition of the property requires more time, you have the option of ordering extra time for $40/hr., (extra time is subject to availability if booked on the day of the job).
  • Call to talk to our experts or book a free video consultation to check what is the most appropriate package for you or for a custom quote.

What Employees Are Looking for in an Office Space

Enough space, the proper tools to work and… a clean work environment. Things like vents can store and help move around a lot of dust. If it is left aside, it will quickly become a health hazard for employees. Some with breathing disorders can even react strongly to it. Proper office cleaning will always reflect positively on your staff. Don’t neglect them!

What’s Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning, similar to deep cleaning, is an in-depth cleaning that requires a lot of time and energy. Winter can be harsh on the office space, and it would be unrealistic to include every hard-to-reach areas in your daily cleaning routine. During this extensive cleaning; walls, ceilings, carpets and window cleaning are all on the menu.

The Importance of Spring Cleaning

Winter leaves a lot of unpleasant elements behind, like blurred windows, salt residues, mold and dust accumulation. Those dust clusters and mold patches will fill up windows, parts of the walls, air vents, floors and carpets which can leave permanent stains and damage.

A detail-oriented cleaning prevents structural damages and health risks for employees. It will also reflect positively on the company’s image.

Why Use Spring Cleaning Services?

Save Time and Money

Without the proper tools, it is hard to successfully complete a detailed spring cleaning. Simply buying the basic spring cleaning ingredients will result in a hefty sum. The larger the office, the larger the task as well, and it can become overwhelming without help from experts.

It saves money on the long run as well by preventing additional costs on the physical elements of the workplace. A well-kept office won’t require replacing windows, ceiling or floors as often.

Thorough Executions

Spring cleaning is not just about removing some dust, it is a massive operation to bring the office back to mint condition. Nothing is left aside from top to bottom. The ceiling, vents, walls and floor in every room go through a deep sanitized cleaning. This gigantic task is best left in the hands of experts equipped with the proper tools.

Common cleaning process and cleaning routine will a detailed oriented cleaning such as:

  • Bathroom Cleaning;
  • Cleaning Mirrors;
  • Cleaning Walls;
  • Cleaning of Windows;
  • Floor Cleaning;
  • Vacuum Carpets;
  • Etc.

Health and Safety

A clean office space prevents various complications with employees’ health. Mold and dust can snowball rapidly, putting a heavy toll on people with lung disorders. The use of eco-friendly cleaning products also contributes to maintaining a safe work environment.

How to Choose a Professional Cleaning Service

It can be confusing to identify what makes a great cleaning company. Here’s a list of important traits that you should be looking for:

  • A complete service that will cover your office from top to bottom;
  • The use of green products to protect the environment and your employees;
  • A versatile service that can adapt to your needs.

For commercial cleaning, Mom Cleaning services is an excellent choice for spring cleaning, deep cleaning and even post-construction cleaning. Their expertise and use of ecological products make for a great detailed cleaning. Get a free estimate by filling out our form on our website.

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