Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Services

If you take a moment to think about the massive amounts of dust and debris clogging your air ducts and vents at this very moment, you’ll find yourself in shock.

Dust piles up pretty quickly, and you have to keep cleaning the house regularly to remove all that dust, but have you cleaned your air ducts and vents recently?

Getting your air ducts professionally cleaned is especially important if you have heating and air conditioning because the dirt keeps moving around these systems, and you’re just inhaling it on a daily basis.

Air Ducts Vents Cleaning Services By MOM Cleaner

The Importance of Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Services

Indoor air pollution and poor air quality is a massive problem in your living space that you might not be aware of. If you have dirt and dust piling up in your air duct system, they’ll just keep circling the air with no way to get rid of them.

Seeking air duct cleaning services to help you with air ducts & vents cleaning could significantly affect your household’s air quality and leave you with a healthy home for all family members.

Plus, air duct cleaning isn’t an easy task because there are many hidden parts and little corners that non-professionals may struggle with. That begs the question of whether getting professional air duct cleaning services is worth it.

Is It Worth Getting Air Ducts & Vents Professionally Cleaned?

Air duct cleaning is no easy task, but it’s necessary. If you have a heating and cooling system installed, having dust circulating in those systems dramatically affects the air you breathe inside your home and has tremendous health benefits.

Air pollutants like dust and dirt can cause harm to the extent of triggering asthma and allergies. Even dander from your pets can be a huge problem—imagine having pet hairs stuck in your air conditioner, and you’re just breathing it in every day!

Getting your air duct system professionally cleaned is something you would never regret, and let us tell you why. Professionals can do such a thorough job of cleaning the duct system and the vents that nobody else can match.

Professional air duct & vents cleaning services have teams with years of experience, so they know exactly what they’re doing. On top of that, team members have professional equipment to get those air ducts & vents sparkling like new.

Why Use Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Services

Now, you must be wondering whether air ducts and cleaning services are worth the money. The short answer is simply “yes”. However, here’s a more in-depth answer, including all the benefits you get when hiring an air duct cleaning service.

Time and Money Savings

By hiring professional air ducts & vents cleaning services, you’ll end up saving time and effort. You’ll even save money in the long run. Air duct cleaning is a long, tiring process that requires a lot of patience that most people don’t have.

Dust and debris can really pile up, and it can be quite difficult for you to remove those piles without professional equipment. Even if you buy it for personal use, it’ll only be used every few months or years, so it isn’t worth it.

Hiring professionals guarantees that the team members know exactly what to do, and they have the means to clean your air ducts and vents well and in very little time. To keep it simple, don’t waste your time or money; let the professionals handle it.

Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Appearance

Having low indoor air quality of air can really affect the whole property and its appearance, especially if it’s a business property. Besides the health risks that dirty air ducts and vents cause, having your ducts looking rusty or just dirty can ruin the whole room’s appearance and give the wrong impressions.

For that, you need your ducts cleaned and restored to their original self to improve the air quality and make your property look professional, inviting, and well taken care of.

Our Solutions

Stop bothering yourself with the looks of rusty or mouldy ducts and vents; we’re here to save the day.

Air duct cleaning is as easy as ABC for us; we know exactly what we need to do, and we have the right tools to help us restore your property’s vents.

In fact, after getting your air duct system cleaned, you’ll notice a massive improvement in the air quality, and you’ll feel like you’re breathing new air.

What Are Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Services?

If you’re interested in hiring professional air ducts & vents cleaning services, there are some things that you need to know first. So, let’s walk you through everything you should know and expect from an air duct cleaning service.

Types of Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Services

Professionals offer different services, depending on what your situation needs. Air duct cleaning services can clean everything around your air ducts inside and out.

Besides, air ducts & vents cleaning services should also offer dryer vent cleaning because we all know how much dirt can pile up in your dryer vent—it’s not pretty.

Most importantly, cleaning services should be able to restore your HVAC system completely. All the coils and vents in your HVAC equipment can be a great hiding spot for dirt, debris, and pet dander, which can really affect the overall performance and efficiency of the system.

So, yes, getting your air ducts and vents cleaned will improve the performance of your HVAC system.

Our Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Methods

Air duct cleaning is a whole process with multiple steps and different approaches. However, here’s the general rule of thumb and the most popular methods of getting the ducts and vents cleaned. Keep in mind that we change methods and approaches according to your specific needs and situation.

The most basic cleaning method is to just remove the dirt and debris right from the source. Then, we clean the vents and the ducts thoroughly and manually remove all the debris stuck there.

Another method that we use for hard-to-reach vents is steam cleaning. As the name implies, we use steam to break down all the dirt build-up from the vents. Lastly, we use vacuums that can remove all the broken-down dirt and debris from your duct system altogether.

What Is Included in Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Services?

All air pollutants like dust, dirt, pet dander, and similar should be removed entirely from your vents, dryer vents, and air ducts to ensure better air. After that, your HVAC system should be restored to its original state, and it’ll work much more efficiently without all that dust sitting on the heating and cooling coils.

So, air ducts and vents cleaning services should include cleaning every air duct on your property thoroughly, as well as cleaning the heating and cooling systems.

Professional Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Equipment

As we’ve described the blueprints of our air ducts cleaning process, you’ve seen us mention the usage of professional tools, so what are these tools exactly? Well, that depends on the cleaning method we’re going for, but here’s what we use most.

Besides the basic equipment like gloves, brushes, and cleaners, we also use pressure washers or steam washers to break down the accumulated dirt. We also use air compressors, sprayers, and disinfectants to remove any mould or bacteria.

Then, we use portable vacuums or truck-mounted ones and collectors to remove the broken down first particles.

Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Examples

Air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and vents cleaning are all examples of what professional services offer. It’s just straightforward – any vent or air duct you have at home can be cleaned.

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Our Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Services

We know you still have a few questions about hiring a professional service; keep on reading to find all the answers.

How to Hire an Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Company?

Once you’ve settled on a company, you’ve already done most of the work; hiring is the easy part. Just visit the provider’s website and find a “book now” button or a phone number that you can call. You’ll then provide some necessary information, and you’ll be given an appointment; it’s that easy.

How to Choose a Professional Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Service?

To find the perfect service provider for you, there are a few steps that you need to follow. First of all, start asking people you trust for recommendations and narrow down the answers to your top three or four picks. After that, start contacting all those top picks and see what they have to offer.

Ask what their services are, how much time it’d take them to clean your vents, and, of course, how much it’d cost. Then, with all that in mind, start narrowing down your choices by the process of elimination till you’ve settled on a provider.

Wait, don’t go ahead and book them yet. Before that, you need to look at any reviews of that provider online and see what other customers have to say about them. Then, if it’s all good, go ahead and hire that provider.

Our Air Ducts & Vents Cleaning Plans

To leave you with a healthy home and good air quality, we have a plan of action. First of all, we assess the situation of your vents, and we determine the best method to get them thoroughly cleaned. Then, we’ll tell you all the steps we’ll be going through, so you’ll know exactly what’s happening.

After that, we start breaking down the piled-up dirt on your vents so it’s easy to remove. Then, we collect all that dirt into collectors to prevent it from spreading.

After the vents are all done, we move on to your HVAC system. We get all the coils cleaned, so your system is working efficiently again. When necessary, we use disinfectants to remove any bacterial growth and keep your vents clean for longer.

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Duct cleaning costs heavily depend on many factors, like how much cleaning is needed, which cleaning method is used, and how easy it is to reach the vents. Air ducts & vents cleaning services are just like any other cleaning service; they get more expensive as the job gets more extensive and complex.

Still, to give you a better idea, you should expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $600 to get your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Yes! Getting your air ducts professionally cleaned is much better than regular cleaning with your limited experience and resources. To keep it short and sweet, you need to get your ducts professionally cleaned instead of wasting your precious time and effort.