Post-Construction Cleaning Services

On renovation, remodelling, and construction sites, there’s a lot of chaos. Debris and hazards are all about, everything is coated in dust and splashes. It’s an inevitable reality. 

Most commercial properties undergoing these construction projects will contract janitorial services as well, to take care of the aftermath.

The job of the post-construction cleaners is to return the property to a presentable and orderly state. Doing so increases the value of the property and readies it for showings and marketing.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services by a MOM Cleaner

Our Prices for Post-Construction Cleaning

Post construction Cleaning Pack: $
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  • Products & equipment, up to 9 hours of labour performed by a team of 2 to 3 cleaning agents
  • Transportation costs: $50.00
  • Cleaning of walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Cleaning of appliances
  • Cleaning of counters, cabinets, and wardrobes
  • Disinfection & cleaning of bathroom(s)
  • Cleaning the inside of the windows
  • Quote is for a 4.5 apartment following renovation works, you have the option of ordering extra time at $40/hr.for each additional normal room (max 200 sq.ft.). Extra time is subject to availability if booked on the day of the job
  • Do not hesitate to call our experts or book a free video consultation to check what is the most appropriate package for you or for a custom quote.
  • All works must be completed before cleaning begins, as work in progress will produce new acumulation of dust.
Commercial janitorial cleaning services bring or return the interior and exterior space to pristine condition. They also ensure it’s free of hazards.

What does Post-Construction Cleaning includes?

It’s important that commercial cleaning companies come prepared for all kinds of disasters and messes, including dangerous ones. The duties of the cleaning crew on-site include:

  1. Removing large non-hazardous debris: checking landfill criteria is important so that waste is disposed of in the correct method, to the correct place. Dry paint may be allowed to be sent by a dumpster to a landfill, for example, while wet paint may be considered hazardous. A backhoe or tilting cart may be used to manage heavy interior or exterior waste by leveraging it into buckets and dumpsters to save time.
  2. Removing large hazardous materials: safety for all individuals, in the present and future, is of utmost importance. Equipment and protocol should be up-to-code and used diligently. Absolutely no hazardous materials should be left behind. These materials should also all be disposed of in the correct, safe manner, as directed by city regulations and DNR (Department of Natural Resources). Some materials, like asbestos, can enter landfills, while others, like dangerous liquids, are incinerated.
  3. Interior clean: interior processes may include 
    • Remove all construction dust (light fixtures, HVAC ducts, suspended ceilings/platforms, sawdust, asbestos, metal filings, drywall dust, cement crumble, etc).
    • Flooring treatments (waxing/buffing and stain removal), full floor to ceiling restoration.
    • Wall wiping.
    • Window cleaning : window washings, window frames.
    • door cleaning (wiping, vacuuming, removing paint/coatings/deposits, and buffing), vent cleaning (vacuum, damp wipe, covers soaked).
    • Full bathroom & kitchen clean (vacuum, appliance/surface wipe, surfaces disinfected, plumbing cleaned, fixtures dusted, and unwanted stains and paint removed). 
    • Scraping any plaster, paint, paint drops, cement, glue, protections, or labels left on surfaces.
    • Builders cleaning of skirting boards, door frames, sockets, and switches as well as behind radiators, removing cobwebs
    • Polishing mirrors, glass furniture, and surfaces.
    • Vacuuming and mopping floors.
  4.  Exterior clean: exterior processes may include
    1. Magnetic sweeps of the grounds for loose screws 
    2. Exterior glass cleaning 
    3. Pressure-washing (non-wood) doors
    4. Power-washing of driveways/sidewalks/entrances, and light fixture dusting.
  5. Making sure they arrive with the right cleaning supplies: larger jobs require tools like a dumpster, backhoe, scissor lift, floor scrubber/buffer, sweeper, high-pressure washer, ultrasonic cleaner, carpet extractor, and steam cleaner.
    Smaller jobs require the same equipment as house cleaning projects, including window tools like a bucket, towel, squeegee, T-bar and sleeve, and stepladder.
  6. Making sure they arrive with the right cleaning products: ensuring the correct assortment of products and chemicals are brought for all types of surfaces is crucial. Different materials/surfaces need different treatments to maintain their integrity. 
    Floors and windows also require a few different products to reach their full potential. Floor stripper, deodorizer, rug pre-sprays, dish soap, and detergents may all be necessary.

The Difference Between Post-Construction Cleaning And Other Cleaning Services

There are a few varieties of services typically offered by professional cleaning and janitorial companies, so how does one know which is right for them?

Cleaning companies may offer services and plans like:

  • Sanitization
  • Vent/air duct cleaning
  • Windows and blinds cleaning
  • Floor treatments
  • Light bulb replacement and other handy person services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Residential deep clean
  • Residential maintenance clean
  • Commercial deep clean
  • Commercial maintenance clean
  • Industrial deep clean
  • Industrial maintenance clean
  • Janitorial plans with both maintenance and deep cleans scheduled to reoccur
  • Post-construction clean-up
  • Covid-proofing
  • Pressure washing
  • Hazardous waste management

And potentially even more!

When does a mess qualify as a post-construction clean-up project?

Besides the obvious specific construction scenario, this type of cleaning service is appropriate in any situation involving large or heavy pieces of debris, especially hazardous, needing to be removed properly. 

Waste removal is a key component of this specific service. Regular commercial cleaning jobs aren’t as labour-intensive in the lifting and disposal of debris, rather they just involve refining what’s already there.

Another appropriate credential of the post-construction clean up would be the severity of microparticles (like dust, sawdust, asbestos, etc) in the air. If everything is coated top to bottom, it’s a more delicate and tricky job compared to other cleaning services.

When conditions are severe enough that there is no clear footpath, and no safe or straightforward way to declutter, it may be time to call in professional help.

(It will also save on time and money!)

The usual residential – and even commercial – cleanings don’t involve many risks or help from machinery, so it’s important to discern what level the disorder is at so that the correctly trained professionals can help.

A post-construction clean is like a commercial deep clean, with many more additional tasks necessary.

The tasks that can be cited as specific to post-construction cleaning are, for example: 

  • waste removal/disposal
  • full interior and exterior clean
  • micro-particle clearing
  • stain removal

The Importance of Using Post-Construction Janitorial Services

The priorities of a commercial cleaning crew lie first in safety and secondarily in appearance. 

Without them, these properties would pose a potential danger to future employees, pedestrians, and customers. Realistically, those groups of people probably wouldn’t even approach the property in the first place if it was a messy eyesore. 

The use of these services by a property owner results in time and money saved in the long run. Getting professionals to do the cleaning instead of the tradesmen means they can do a job that is second nature to them and do it properly. 

It gets done efficiently and thoroughly, with expertise in safety diligence. That’s invaluable. 

Injury and damage risks are significantly reduced with professional cleaners, and they come with liability insurance. This reduces the dangers involved if construction workers attempt clean-up processes they aren’t trained in. 

The end result with professionals will be much more attractive. They know how to get a property sparkling from top to bottom, using all the most advanced techniques and products.

Some things aren’t worth cutting corners on; it’s highly recommended to use professional services to deal with post-construction debris and hazardous waste.

It’s better safe than sorry.

How Much do Post-Construction Services Cost?

Hiring a professional commercial janitorial cleaning crew to restore a construction site actually saves the owner money. 

The cost of a post-construction clean up will depend on the severity of the mess, the square footage of the property, the level of danger, additional services needed, and accessibility of the location/parking, etc. 

Average rates range anywhere from 0.10-0.55 per sq. ft. Sometimes bulk discounts are applied after a certain point. Things like windows and doors may have a flat fee (something similar to $5 a window, for example). Extra costs for additional services may apply.

Smaller clean-ups, like those pertaining to the construction aftermath of a multi-room estate, may average at around $700, while giant commercial or industrial properties can be upwards of $35,000. 

Post-construction cleans are typically a one-time investment, and then regular maintenance cleans proceed. Maintenance cleans cost significantly less than construction clean-up.

The investment is absolutely necessary and worth it. 

The best way to really determine the exact price is to contact the cleaners for an estimate based on all the unique variables involved. Cleaning companies, like MOM Cleaning, offer free estimates. to get an idea of the price range for post-construction cleaning you can consult our cost guide

Our Post-Construction Janitorial Services

MOM (Montreal Office Maintenance) Cleaners are a proud Canadian janitorial company, serving the greater Montreal and Toronto area.

We do our jobs safely and skilfully. Our highly trained professionals enter the workspace at a time that’s convenient to you, and they get to work protecting furniture and surfaces.

Once the dust has settled, they proceed to declutter, clean, and restore the space to the highest of standards. They don’t culminate until everyone, especially the property owner, is completely satisfied.

Our flexible schedules and customized plans ensure the job gets done in the most efficient and convenient manner possible. Our cleaners work at a time that’s best for you – without being disruptive or in the way. 

Custom cleaning plans are coordinated with property management to work comprehensively within budgets, traffic, and schedules.

Having a plan means the cleaning and maintenance is taken care of automatically and on time, without having to be micromanaged or scheduled.

One less thing to worry about means more time and energy can be spent on other important property and employee needs.

MOM promises the best service possible. Our masterful cleaners know how to dispose of and clean all materials in a safe way. Your workspace will be sanitized, tidy, and hazard-free, ready to be showcased to the world. 

You can get a free estimate and plan a consultation for a post construction cleaning with MOM.