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Maintained commercial building using our office cleaning services in Montreal

How to fight undeclared work in the commercial cleaning industry

Undeclared work is a huge problem in the commercial cleaning industry. In response to this recurring problem, Revenu Québec will require from any company working …

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Office manager and staff discussing cleaning tasks
Cleaning Tips

Office manager: Office cleaning experts are by your side

The office manager is at the heart of a company’s decisions. This assistant to management acts as the interface and intermediary between the various departments …

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Covid 19 disinfection solutions
Cleaning Tips

MOM’s solutions in a case of Covid 19 at the office

Since the end of confinement, more and more employees are returning to the office by following the anti-covid rules and the best practices put in …

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Bacteria eliminated by our office cleaning and disinfection services in Montreal
Cleaning Tips

How do commercial cleaning companies protect your workplace from the Covid-19?

We understand that many of you have questions about the measures we take to ensure their safety, that of their employees, and that of our …

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employee performing a professional floor cleaning
Cleaning Tips

Sanitize your home like a professional commercial cleaner

With so much more time now spent indoors, homeowners might want to get best cleaning practices from a professional cleaning company that cleans tens of …

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commercial carpet cleaning with professional equipment
Cleaning Tips

How to clean workplace rugs and commercial carpets

Rugs and carpets are types of flooring that are frequently found in common spaces of apartment and office buildings, hence the importance of understanding the …

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