5 Common Types of Bacteria that Lurk in the Office

We all know that places where people are can become perfect hubs for bacteria. And with over 500 types of germs living in the typical office, it is important to understand where they are commonly found and what the common ones are. While their names sound ultra scientific, understanding them and where they can be found is pretty basic.

These are the 5 most commonly found office bacteria :

  1. Staphylococcus aureus
  2. Known as staf for short, this bacterium tends to live in keyboards and computer stations. It is responsible for causing and spreading infections. You can tackle this one by cleaning your keyboard station regularly, wiping it down with Lysol products or even white vinegar.

  3. Actinobacteria
  4. This is the most common bacteria that is found in the office, as it has the ability to spread quite easily and even multiply on surfaces throughout the office. The most harmful variants of this bacteria can cause more severe infections and medical problems. To get rid of this bacterial, the best solutions are using bleach or white vinegar. However, it also helps to wipe down surfaces daily with disinfectant wipes.

  5. E-Coli
  6. While we usually think of E-Coli coming from processed or raw foods, it can in fact also present itself in office settings. Typically, E-Coli is found on shared equipment such as phones, copiers and scanners, printers and even handles and door knobs. The reason why it is dangerous is because it can cause harsh infections and has the ability to spread really quickly and easily. In order to reduce the risk of the bad strains of e-coli spreading, it is important for all shared equipment to be wiped down with disinfectant daily and for everyone at the office to wash their hands (with soap!) regularly and throughout the day.

  7. Heliobacter pylori
  8. This kind of bacteria has the tendency to spread quite easily and is caused by poor personal hygiene. It can result in harsh gastrointestinal infections, which can spread like wildfire throughout the office. Making sure everyone at the office is washing up regularly throughout the day is the best and simplest way to keep these bacteria at bay.

  9. Norovirus
  10. While Norovirus isn’t actually considered bacteria, it is still the one to watch at the office. This kind of virus can also cause harsh gastrointestinal upset, and is quite contagious. They are very common in enclosed spaces where people cohabitate, like, you guessed it – an office. Close contact with a person who is infected or even surfaces harboring the virus can get another person quite ill. And once it starts, it spreads. The best way to avoid the norovirus is top notch personal hygiene, and while disinfecting will help, the ultimate way to avoid the spread is making sure those who aren’t feeling well don’t come into work.

Keeping up personal hygiene and making sure your work environment is clean and disinfected daily will help make your office community a healthier space. Also ensuring that your janitorial staff and office maintenance crew are scheduled to do commercial disinfection will help ward off these kinds of bacteria.

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