Rug and Carpet Cleaning Pricing

The average price for a professional carpet cleaning service can differ greatly depending on the technique used. The possible presence of stains, the size of the carpet or the room, its material… are all parameters that will influence the price of the cleaning service. We will detail the prices for each variable in this article.

carpet being cleaned by MOM Cleaning employee

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost

For an office it will largely depend on the size but the average cost will vary from 300$ to 650$ for a small office and prices going up to 7000$ and more for a very large office or commercial space.

The primary advantage of a regular carpet cleaning is keeping away from possible issues like mold, high levels of dirt etc. In the event that you disregard it for a really long time, the expense to replace your rug or carpet will run somewhere in the range of $750 and $2,500 per room.

Office Carpet Cleaning Price per Square Foot

A professional carpet cleaning service company will charge between 0.20$ to 0.40$ per square foot depending on the cleaning technique used. For example, dry cleaning will be cheaper at around $0.20 per square foot, but the evaporation method, also called hot water extraction, will cost between $0.30 and $0.40 per square foot.

Note that commercial carpet cleaning prices are lower than residential carpet cleaning prices. This is mainly due to:

  • The surfaces are easier to access
  • The surfaces are larger so there are economies of scale on the overall
  • Office owners will pay less attention to detail than a homeowner

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost by Size

Square Footage Budget Range
500 - 1 000 sq ft 100$ - 250$
1 000 - 2 000 sq ft 200$ - 500$
2 000 - 5 000 sq ft 400$ - 1 300$
5 000 - 10 000 sq ft 1 200$ - 2 500$
10 000 - 25 000 sq ft 2 000$ - 6 500$
25 000 - 50 000 sq ft 5 000$ - 12 500$
For basic services. Add-ons may increase the carpet cleaning price range regardless of sq. ft.

Office Carpet Cleaning Cost per Room

The price of commercial carpet cleaning services per room ranges from $35 to $70 and will also vary depending on the technique used. Dry cleaning techniques will cost around 35$ per room while steam carpet cleaning will vary from 50 to 70$.

Average Carpet Cleaning Fees per Room

Number of Rooms Price Range
1 33$ - 70$
2 65$ - 140$
3 95$ - 200$
4 130$ - 275$
5 160$ - 350$
10 330$ - 1 000$
To compare with the Carpet Cleaning Cost per sq.ft., an average room is around 200 sq.ft

Cost per Hour per Cleaner

The price per hour per employee is a notion used less frequently to calculate the price of a quote but it varies on average between $45 and $60. The more experienced the employees and the better quality of the equipment used, the higher the price.

Carpet Cleaning Price List by Method

The average price for carpet cleaning varies by method, this table is a price range for an average size office between 1000sq.ft to 5000sq.ft

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Prices by Cleaning Method

Cleaning Method Price Range*
Dry Cleaning 225$ - 650$
Encapsulation 375$ - 900$
Steam Hot Water Extraction 450$ - 1 300$
*Includes 2 cleaners.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Cost (hot water extraction)

This method is one of the best known ways to clean carpets. Hot water at high pressure is used to agitate the carpet fibers, dissolving contours and dirt that can penetrate deep into the floors. Hot water extraction or carpet deep cleaning, ranges between $490 and $1300

This method also involves applying a cleaning agent to stains or soiled areas. Then a brush agitates the carpet and the stains are rinsed away. Once the cleaning agent is applied to the carpet, it is washed with special carpet cleaning equipment.

The carpet is thoroughly rinsed and allowed to dry, ideally in a ventilated or air-conditioned room. This process usually takes about two hours on average, but it also takes at least four hours (sometimes more) for the carpet to be completely dry.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Price

One of the most popular methods of carpet cleaning is foam encapsulation. This process uses a synthetic detergent that eventually crystallizes into a powder. On average, this process costs between $390 and $900.

Once the detergent has turned into a powder, it encapsulates any loose dirt particles that are then vacuumed up. This process has become very popular over the years, mainly because it is fast and requires no drying time.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning techniques have surpassed shampooing and steam cleaning to become the preferred method for many Office spaces. Since the amount of water required is greatly reduced, the drying time is virtually unmatched.

The encapsulation method is also commonly referred to as “chemical dry cleaning” of carpet. It is an effective way to remove stubborn stains, but some people claim that it is not the best way to deep clean carpets.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Cost

This method is another popular choice that has become more popular in recent years. With a combination of effective cleaning and fast drying time, dry carpet cleaning is a good option for many office or commercial spaces. At a cost between $240 and $350, dry cleaning methods are great as a quick solution.

Dry carpet cleaning technology first appeared in the 1980s, and since then many powders and other cleaning products have been invented. A special cleaning product or powder is applied to the bottom of the carpet using a counter-rotating motorized brush attached to a machine.

This rotating brush helps loosen the carpet fibers while the cleaning compound settles deep into the carpet and reaches the bottom. The result is a deep clean that extends to the floor.

Today, most cleaning products are made with safe, biodegradable ingredients that act like a sponge to absorb dissolved dirt. Once the process is complete, the remaining cleaning compound is removed. This method of carpet cleaning is safe for all types of carpets and can be used by businesses and individuals alike due to its quick and easy method with no drying time.

Variables Costs for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Other variables may impact the total price of the quote you receive. The material will vary the price per square foot while others tasks will add extra fees such as tougher stains

Carpet Types

Depending on the carpet, some materials are more difficult to clean than others. Here are the prices per type of carpet for an average size office (1000sq.ft to 5000sq.ft) and the challenges that each one represents.

  • Berber carpet: around $220-600. Easiest to clean.
  • Cut and level loop: between $330-$850. Somewhat difficult to clean.
  • Cotton and wool: around $450-$1300. Most difficult.


Expect to pay about $2 to $3 per individual step. The company you hire will likely add it on a separate fee since it doesn’t match with price per room or per square foot.

Difficult Stains Removal or Spot Cleaning

Stubborn stains can be of different types: mold, moisture, food etc.. The price will be added extra on your bill and can vary between 25$ and 60$ depending on the:

  • Products used
  • Technique
  • Size of the stain
  • Carpet damage

Furniture Moving & Removal

If the cleaning company’s employees have to move some furniture to be able to clean your carpets an additional cost will be added. The average price is equivalent to what a moving company charges, which is about 45$ per hour per employee.

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This step becomes necessary when wrinkles or bubbles appear in the material, which is a safety risk for your employees if they trip over it. Stretching your carpet will make a more pleasing visual. A company will charge you between $0.30 and $0.50 per square foot to stretch your carpet.

Renting a steam cleaner costs between $35 and $50 per day, depending on the brand and size. This does not include detergent, which adds $5 to $15 per bottle.

The carpet cleaners will work with you to schedule an appropriate time, usually after hours. If it is not possible to clean the entire area in one visit, they will develop a customized schedule to clean your carpets in sections. The technicians will also advise you of the estimated drying times required.

A tip between 5-10$ per cleaner will be appreciated by the workers, always remember this is a hard task and it is highly valuable for you and your employees happiness at work.