Window Cleaning Services

Sometimes it is worth it to invest in professional property care, especially when it involves the success of your business.

Trying to tackle a large-scale job like commercial window cleaning as an individual without experience in the field will prove difficult, and potentially dangerous and pricey.

There are many reasons MOM Cleaning is a worthy investment for the maintenance of the integrity of your commercial windows.

Employees cleaning windows on a commercial building using our cleaning services

Professional Window Cleaning Service includes

We offer a variety of services, plans, and packages to meet all our customers’ needs.

These include;

  • Free commercial window cleaning estimates
  • Scrub and squeegee
  • Power washing
  • Wiping down window frames, tracks, and ledges
  • Removal of bugs, cobwebs, dirt, and dust
  • Removal of paint flecks, hard-water spots, mineral deposits, and other stubborn residue
  • Cleaning of all screens and screen frames
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual commercial window cleaning service plans and prices.

We pride ourselves in all our perks;

  • Our eco footprint; we use green cleaning agents on all jobs.
  • Our highly trained team
  • Our same or next day service
  • Our punctuality
  • Our fast, convenient online invoicing
  • Our thorough washes
  • Our tidy-up process before leaving a site
  • Our own advanced lifts and equipment

Additional services include;

  • Ceiling fan
  • Skylight
  • Light fixture
  • Chandelier
  • And mirror cleaning!

We do it all, and we do it well.

Window cleaning can be part of an overall office cleaning service.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Window Cleaning Company?


We are a team with a plethora of combined experience and skills. Together we can address any problem and find its solution – that’s a guarantee.

We have a working knowledge of windows of all shapes, sizes, and materials – with the ability to do massive projects efficiently. Our cleaners can work with different types of windows uniquely so as to never compromise the quality, appearance, and integrity of the end product.

Different products require different solutions, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for windows. Our experts know how to treat each type in its own right.

Our excellence is what sets us apart from our competition.

We can handle any cleaning job effortlessly, no matter how complex, intimidating, or large.


When a business owner or property manager decides to attempt a cleaning project themselves, they often don’t take into account the extensive equipment needed and the costs required to acquire or rent those items.

Our team uses the most effective equipment (Stingray from Unger among other) for the specific task at hand, and we have an extensive collection at our disposal for any challenge we may meet.

We decide which tools to use based on each custom case, so we can handle any job exactly as needed.

From mops to ladders, extension poles to squeegees – we’ve got it all.

A lot of these items can be expensive and require advanced techniques and knowledge to be used correctly. Their usage requires the correct technique of execution, otherwise the equipment or window may incur damage.

All costs related to equipment disappear when businesses choose to work with professional cleaners. These items are simply built-in inventory of the cleaners that aid the team to carry out the job effectively.

MOM Cleaning uses our own equipment, and we will manage special lift rentals when the situation requires it, so you don’t have to worry about resources. We pride ourselves on being fully equipped for general and full-service.


Our experts get those windows sparkling and spotless with our endless knowledge of techniques and tools.

From sill to frame to glass, windows are perfected from top to bottom, satisfaction guaranteed (more on that later).

All dirt, dust, and staining is removed, using tough but environmentally conscious products that leave nothing but shining transparency you can be proud to show off.

Customers trust that a business can handle its needs when they see it can handle its own needs; like its land and building maintenance.

First impressions make a huge difference, it’s important to have a well-maintained business face. Windows are one of the first things clients see and any imperfections obstruct eyesight and are therefore obvious.

Outside dirt can build up quickly with winds and rain, causing an unsightly appearance. We will get them looking new again so all you get are compliments and new customers!

Clean, shiny sills and windows will attract new customers and keep the inside looking fresh and bright as well. Light can greatly enhance the subconscious mood of the people in the room. Ambiance is everything.

When it comes to cleanliness and thoroughness, we strive for and reach perfection.


Getting professionals to do the window cleaning saves a lot of time! They can do these jobs, and do them well, in their sleep! Our cleaners will take the minimum amount of time to get the job done right.

We have developed our techniques over many years in order to discover the most efficient systems and methods to get from point A to point B. We get a property looking its best in a minimal amount of time – which is no easy feat for the average Joe.

Our skills achieve unparalleled results and save our customers from having to attempt the normally time-consuming and difficult process.

We save you time that you could be spending focusing on optimizing your business using your expertise. Let us worry about windows.

So How Often Should you Get a Window Cleaning?

The frequency depends on budget and environment. If a business is in an area with a high concentration of pollen and dirt or road dust, or amidst a wind tunnel, more frequent maintenance might be required.

Once every month or two will likely be enough to keep the build-up at bay. If this is not possible, or if the building isn’t in a problem area, 2-3 times a year should suffice.

Regular maintenance is good for the windows and for business, so staying on top of those duties and creating a plan with a professional company is of great benefit.

MOM Cleaning also offers daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual window washing service plans for office buildings and businesses.

These window cleaning plans allow you to worry about your business while we worry about your window maintenance needs. Pre-scheduling means automatic visits and less time fussing with planning and adjusting budgets.

Plans are customized to each business’ needs and budgets so the available time, money, and energy can be optimized.

These resources will be dispersed and utilized only exactly as needed, so the most work can be done within the agreed parameters.

Custom consults allow us to create the best plan of action to get the job done quickly and properly. We take into account the window types, specific requirements, and budget to make a plan for each upcoming appointment.

Our team is highly skilled and will reach the best solution quickly and be out of the way so businesses can resume as usual. Avoiding disruption to daily business activity is a priority to MOM Cleaning, so our cleaners work hard to be as productive and subtle as possible.

Our team is flexible and can come work at a time that is convenient for you.


The lifetime expectancy before the windows expire is preserved when they are maintained regularly. Creating and paying for a proactive plan, rather than a reactive one, encourages the window materials to be enduring and durable for longer.

Dirt can corrode the sill and frame materials and scratch the glass surface when left for a long time.

It’s best to have professionals tend to them in minor routine ways more often than to get major replacements and reparation services done as they deteriorate more severely.


MOM Cleaning assures competitive pricing; that’s one way we stand out. We offer high-quality premium services for fair pricing, always.

We prioritize accessibility and value to our customers, and promise unparalleled prices.

Our scheduled cleaning plans save money, while maintaining window preservation in the long run so large costlyreparations aren’t necessary.

Using a professional cleaning service eliminates the costs of cleaning agents and tools, as they are built-in amenities with the cleaning company.


Not only is it financially wise to employ talented professionals in order to save your business resources – it’s also more responsible.

Trying to do these complicated extensive cleaning jobs alone, without professional training, is a safety risk. Correct procedures are imperative, otherwise equipment can malfunction and terrible accidents can occur.

We take all precautions to ensure we don’t cause harm to you, your team, or your property.

Beyond personal danger, there exists the risk of property damage. Our services are fully insured with top-rated insurance policies, so if something goes wrong it’s on us.

We sort out the hassle of correcting any mishaps, at no cost to our customers.

Our insurance covers all liabilities for our employees, vehicles, and properties. Damages and accidents are unlikely with our experience, but they can happen.

We’re protected and prepared for the worst and so are our customers.

All accidents and damage are fixed for free with a professional team like MOM, which would not be the case otherwise.

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We believe in accountability and delivering on our word. We promise perfect results and endless free corrections until we get it right.

Quality assurance is our priority.

We believe in customer security and satisfaction by any means necessary, so we pull out all the stops. Any true professional stands behind their work and this philosophy.

We are confident enough in our perfectionism that we can promise to meet premium results by your standards.

It is never recommended to take on complex cleaning jobs without the help of professionals, especially for safety reasons. There is nothing that would make that risk worth it; it won’t save money, time, or resources either.

It’s wise to invest in talented, skilled professionals with top-notch craftsmanship and methodology. That investment is always returned.

Window cleaning equipment

Good quality equipment makes all the difference to the final result and to safety. We carry specialized equipment and tools from Unger, as well as commonplace items that one can find in a supply shop.


Simple but crucial. This is a vessel for our cleaner-water solution. It must be large enough to fit adequate liquid supply and tools, like squeegee and mop, inside.


This tool is very important and you get what you pay for. The lining must be fixed perfectly to the handle so the tension to the window is even and powerful enough to remove all liquid without gaps or streaks.

It includes 3 parts; the handle, the channel, and the rubber strip. The strip gets replaced once both sides have been worn out, as it’s reversible.

Good quality squeegees, like the brands Unger, Ettore, and Sorbo, can be found at petrol stations.

They come in different sizes for efficiency with larger windows but medium (14″) is versatile.


Made up of 2 parts; the plastic t-bar and sleeve, this tool is used to wet the window.

The sleeves are removable and washable and come in a few different styles;

  • Porcupine: has little plastic bits that enhance its scrubbing capabilities.
  • Scourer: has a scouring strip on one side for extra grit.
  • Water retentive: holds onto water to reduce dip trips back and forth to the bucket.


This tool requires care and precision, otherwise it can cause damage. It consists of a handle and metal ‘blades’ made to scrape off hard debris like paint, insect crusties, etc.

They come in many sizes and may be attached to an extender pole.


Poles help with reachability and access. attached to them are the appropriate tools for the task – the poles serve merely as extenders/carriers of small tools. They come in two forms:

  • Short & extendable: this pole starts at 1.5m and grows to lock at 2.3m. It requires skill to use and it is helpful for high windows.
  • 4-section extra-high: this pole can stretch up to 3 stories high, although accuracy and mobility decreases the longer it opens.

Getting the right tension and precision with the tools after a certain height is sometimes compromised, even with the use of poles, so lifts and pulleys may need to be implemented instead.


MOM’s window cleaning solution typically consists of filtered water and biodegradable eco soap, put simply. For more severe build-up, we will use commercial solutions from Unger.

Most Professionals won’t admit, but Morning Fresh and Palmolive are favoured brands in the industry as they’re gentle on the skin and hard on grime.

Vinegar and warm water also do a great job and leave no streaks, though there aren’t any suds and it’s quite fragrant (not in a good way).

The slippery suds found in soaps help the squeegee rubber adhere to the window with proper tension and movement, as well as act as a binder to hold water to the window longer, so sometimes vinegar just doesn’t size up.

The bubble patterns can also give clues as to where grease and grime are still present, so Palmolive seems to be our tried-and-true product.

Microfiber Cloths & Microfiber Washing Sleeve

These get used to wipe up work areas and drips. They may also be used directly on glass and because of the nature of their material, they leave windows relatively streak-free.


Another tool for optimizing accessibility, the ladder comes in very handy. Small step-ladders help with main-story windows, and extension ladders help us reach a couple stories up.

Tool Belt

This accessory straps tools to the body for easy reach, without having to juggle them.


Similar to the tool belt, this extra piece frees up hands for work. A bucket is strapped on by the waist and down around one leg to hold wet tools so they don’t drip water on the cleaner.

Professional Window Cleaning Methods

Our methodology varies in order to best serve the needs of our products and clients. Each project has its plan custom designed.

Experts are not only able to apply various techniques, but true experts know when to apply which techniques. This is something our team can do. They apply the best execution to each job, perfectly and safely.

For interior and exterior windows, avoiding streaks is always the goal.

To do this we combine good quality cleaning agents with the right materials to get the job done right. The filtered water and biodegradable soap assures no mineral deposits are left behind while they lift dirt, while the squeegee or cloth removes all the substances.

Our telescopic water-fed pole makes it easier to apply these washing and drying methods to the higher windows.

Waterfed Window Washing

This method is a bit like a nice carwash for windows! It uses a water-feeding brush to stream purified water onto the window with force. The pressure of the stream exiting the pole and brush, mixed with the texture of the brush, removes even tough debris.

The brush is attached to a pole which is designed to carry the water up through the brush head to high-up windows.

The purification of the water ensures no spots are left behind.

Boom Lifts Window Washing

We use boom lifts, or skyjack lifts, to reach extra high windows. This machinery provides us a safe and precise method to reach high places, instead of poles and ladders.

The machine can extend its sturdy neck very high, carrying workers in a bucket area at the top, making building scaling easy and safe.

Step-By-Step Procedures:

The following are some tips to improve your everyday window cleaning practices.

Making The Solution

A few squirts of Palmolive, or similar detergents, mixed with half a bucket of cold water is perfect. Hot water will evaporate too quickly. You may also apply the detergent directly to a wet cloth. Voila! Perfect mixture.

Wiping The Window

Apply the soapy mop or cloth to the window and give a deep wipe to the surface. Wipe away all dirt and debris, rinse and give another good wipe. Inspect for stubborn spots that may need the scraper. It’s important to only scrape forwards and not drag it backwards, to prevent scratches on the glass.

Rinse and repeat until clear.

Squeegee The Window

The correct angle and force is key with this tool. It should have adequate support behind its swipe, with your thumb placed halfway between the top and side.

The angle when swiping should be 45°, if the window is the flat axis, and the handle is creating the angle. This creates the best tension and moisture collection between the rubber and the glass.

Pressure should be reasonable – enough that it stays in a constant pressure connection with the glass, but not so much that mobility is jerky and difficult. Pressure should be kept consistent for the entire swipe from top to bottom of the window.

The task should start on the left side of the window, swiping from top edge to bottom edge, snaking down. Repeat the downward motion in columns working across (until the last swipe down occurs on the right side of the window). With some practice, watermarks will be non-existent.

Edges need to be wiped of drips and minor water accumulation with a dry microfiber cloth to avoid corner marks. Any finishing touches to the glass can be addressed with this cloth until it’s perfect and sparkling.

Any other outer mess can be wiped up with a separate rag.

These processes should be repeated on the insides and outsides of all windows.

To learn more, read our article : Best professional Window Cleaning Tips

The Difference Between a Residential and Commercial Window Washing Service

Window cleaners typically specialize in either residential or commercial/industrial services, rarely both, because of the extensive differences between each type.

Each category has its own needs and requires training, making mastering one more realistic than exploring both avenues.

Residential cleaning projects are usually much smaller and simpler. They have limited windows and height challenges, making them safer and faster to execute as well. They generally require fewer tools and much less machinery.

Commercial buildings usually have many windows and may have many departments spanning vertically in a condo. The windows may be hard to get to if they don’t start from the ground.

The use of scaffolds and rope-pulley descent systems makes those jobs more intensive and riskier. Training for workers specializing in this field must be thorough and exhaustive to ensure their safety.

That being said, there are some companies that do serve both types of properties, and some with workers who specialize in both.

We, at MOM Window Cleaning Services, take our commercial services very seriously. All our experts are impeccably trained and able to tackle any task. If you want to learn more, here is an article about the differences between commercial and residential cleaning.

With over 20 years of experience, we’re confident we can deliver stupendous results, and we aren’t afraid to guarantee it.

Our commercial window cleaners have a wide range of knowledge in their field and know how to execute many commercial window cleaning procedures to always achieve perfect results.

We are MOM Window Cleaners; we’re a professional cleaning company, trusted since 2004. We are considered the best of the best for our expertise and thoroughness.We offer services for commercial businesses big and small. No job is out of our depth.

Windows are the eyes of a business. They are one of the first things customers see, especially in storefronts, and they can say a lot about a business.

Shiny, clean windows communicate a professional and put-together business, while dirty, poor-maintained windows communicate an overwhelmed, careless business.

This may or may not be accurate, but to a customer, the first few seconds of associations create a first impression. These assumptions could be the difference between them entering a business or turning on their heels.

Dirt, hard-water spots, and streaks are an eyesore. Not to mention, they obstruct the beautiful views of the outside world, the natural healthy airflow, and the soothing natural lighting and prevent it from cascading into the workplace.

Lighting can really bring a place to life.

Regular maintenance promises charming, durable, and functional windows. This translates well for any business or residence. It also pays off financially in the long run.

First impressions are important.

Professionals, like MOM, can make windows shine to their fullest potential for any commercial business.

We expertly provide services to properties such as:

  • Office buildings
  • Retail storefronts
  • Strip malls
  • Hotels
  • Medical buildings
  • Factories
  • Mid to High-rise condos/skyscrapers
  • Restaurants
  • Car dealerships
  • And all other commercial properties

Since 2004, we’ve been providing our commercial window washing services to a variety of clients, from small family-owned businesses to large corporations and industrial businesses.

Our team is meticulous and flexible, making us a customer favorite. Our well-trained staff are friendly and helpful, always leaving the site clean after their duties. They arrive on time and are polite and mindful of customers and workplace etiquette.

They are courteous, helpful, talented, and professional.

Tidiness and discretion in these active work environments is a top priority, so your business isn’t disturbed by our presence.

Our cleaners will treat your place of business as their own and leave nothing but clear, sparkling windows behind, that’s a promise.

Contact us to create a custom cleaning plan, to find out more about our insurance policies or services, or to book a free estimate!

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