Tile and Grout Cleaning Pricing

By resorting to our professional tile and grout cleaning services, you help save time, effort, and hard-earned money that you would’ve otherwise spent on ineffective supplies and consequential damage repairs. 

mom employee cleaning tile and grout

Dirty tiles and grout are no sight to behold and can have serious consequences linked to poor sanitation, from mold, germs, and bacteria to efflorescence, grout stains, and repelling odors.

The emergence of mold, mildew, germs, and bacteria within tile walls and grout lines can be the cause of several health complications, including inflammatory and respiratory problems.

It’s also worth noting that the life expectancy of dirty tiles and grout lines tend to be short due to structural degradation. 

Taking matters into your own hands isn’t the most optimal solution when it comes to tile and grout cleaning since the process is messy and quite uncomfortable. Not to mention, using the wrong cleaning solution can make things worse.

Additionally, it’s hard to achieve the same results that a professional grout cleaner can achieve because most of the tools and products used by professional grout cleaners aren’t available to the public.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost

The cost of our tile and grout cleaning service varies depending on a few factors, primarily time, space, and room type. You can be charged a flat fee ranging from $300 to $500 per 150 to 250 square feet, or you can be charged per hour or square foot, labor costs included.

Time Spent

On average, the hourly rate our professional tile grout cleaners charge is between $30 and $50, with the average time required to clean tile and grout in a single room being 3 to 6 hours.

Please bear in mind that large rooms measuring over 300 square feet tend to take a little longer to clean, especially if there are many tiles within the room.

Surface Area

Our grout and tile cleaning professionals charge between $0.75 and $3 for every square foot. Calculating the cost to clean tile and grout based on square footage is a precise and specific approach, which is why flat rates are typically based on this calculation method.

Room Type

Calculating tile and grout cleaning costs based on room type isn’t as straightforward as the two above-listed alternatives because tiles and grout are present on various different surfaces within the given spaces inside the average home.

Tiles and grout aren’t just used for floors; they’re also used for walls, countertops, showers, tub surrounds, and black splashes, to name a few examples.

The cost of our tile and grout cleaning services per room varies depending on the size and type of the room. The table below helps indicate our average cost per room type (space).

Tile Cleaning Cost by Room Type

Room Type (Space) Cost Estimates
Small Kitchen (75 sq. ft.) $75 - $225
Average Kitchen (300 sq. ft.) $300 - $900
Small Bathroom (100 sq. ft.) $100 - $300
Average Bathroom (150 sq. ft.) $150 - $450
For basic services. Add-ons may increase the tile cleaning price range regardless of sq. ft.

Tile Material

The costs of our tile and grout cleaning services are the same for all tile materials, be it ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. Keep in mind, however, that tile material affects soil absorption, and soil absorption affects cleaning costs.

Tile floors made of porous materials such as stone and granite tend to absorb more moisture than floors made of standard tile like ceramic and porcelain.

The more moisture is absorbed, the dirtier and more contaminated tile grout will be, which adds to the cost of cleaning labor.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

At MOM Cleaning, we employ several methods for cleaning grout and tiles. Depending on the location and condition of your tiles and grout, the methods employed by our professional tile and grout cleaners will vary.

To achieve the best results, our tile and grout cleaning professionals rely on steam cleaning with high-pressure water rinsing as the standard cleaning approach.

We also offer hand and spot cleaning services as additional services added to or included in a quote.

Steam Cleaning with High-Pressure Rinsing

Our grout and tile cleaning professional use heat, vacuuming, and high-pressure water rinsing to eliminate dirt and contaminants from tile floors, walls, countertops, and others.

All of our standard packages are based on steam cleaning and high-pressure water rinsing. The average tile and grout cleaning cost associated with the procedure is $0.75-$3 per square foot.

Hand Cleaning

Hand cleaning is opted for when the area that needs to be cleaned is too small to accommodate steam cleaning equipment.

The cost of hand cleaning varies depending on the soiling as well as the extensiveness of tile and grout. Generally, MOM Cleaning professionals charge $
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per hour.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is opted for when you’re only looking to clean small areas within a given space. Spot cleaning is perfect for dealing with heavily soiled areas.

Spot cleaning can be carried out using steam and pressure cleaning tools, or it can be carried out by hand, depending on the area that needs to be cleaned. Our spot cleaning hourly rate is the same as our hand cleaning rate.

Restoration and Enhancement Services

In addition to our standard cleaning service, we offer additional restoration and enhancement services that can help bring new life to your tile, from grout sealing to grime cleaning.

Tile Restoration

Tile restoration, also known as restorative cleaning, is a deep-cleaning method that uses specialized equipment, treatments, and cleaning solutions to restore grout and tile to an almost brand new state.

Tile restoration costs 15%-20% more than standard steam cleaning and pressure washing. To be more specific, the cost per square foot is $0.86-$3.60.

Please bear in mind that some tiles and grout are damaged beyond restoration. If your tiles are in too poor of a condition, restorative cleaning isn’t going to do much.

Grout Sealing

Grout cleaning is one thing; grout sealing is another. When tile grout is cleaned, it’s left exposed and prone to damage, discoloration, and the accumulation of dirt. When it’s sealed, it’s not affected by any of these factors.

Our superior grout sealing services will keep your tile grout in top-notch condition for many years to come. We charge $0.90-$1.73 per square foot for standard grout sealing. If you choose to bundle grout sealing with tile and grout cleaning, the combined cost will be $1.50-$2.50 per square foot.

Grout and Tile Repair

Whether your tile is notably damaged or slightly loose, our repair and replacement services are here for the rescue. Depending on the extent of damage, our professionals will determine whether to re-bond loose tiles, replace damaged tiles, or replace damaged grout.

Our repair and replacement services cost an hourly rate of $30-$80, depending on the extent of damage; minus the cost of materials. For average cleaning jobs that take about 3 hours, expect to pay $150-$400.

Grime Cleaning

Grout and tile are highly susceptible to the buildup of grime, which poses a threat to the structural integrity of the tile. Not to mention, it disrupts the tile’s appearance.

We use a specialized cleaning solution that can completely eliminate the presence of grime in your grout and tile. The cost of our grime cleaning procedure depends on how grimy the tiles are. For the average room, it’s around $100.

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The time required to clean tile and grout within a room depends on a few factors, including the extensiveness of the tile, room configuration, and the soil within the grout lines.

The time also increases if you choose to add additional services such as tile sealing. In general, the average room requires 3-6 hours to be thoroughly cleaned and sealed.

We highly advise against using carpet cleaners to clean tile because the brushes with which these machines are equipped are intended only for soft surfaces. On a hard surface such as tile, these brushes and scrubbers can remove the tile’s shine and maybe even scratch.

We rely on different cleaning methods and specific cleaning products to clean grout and tile, Generally speaking, we go over each individual grout line, making sure it’s free of dirt, grime, and any other contaminants. This is done via steam cleaning and high-pressure water rinsing.

As long as they’re in optimal condition, grout and tile should be waterproof. By optimal condition, we mean they’re free of chips, gaps, cracks, or crumblings.

Note that if the grout isn’t well-sealed, water can seep through it.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, as it all boils down to factors such as foot traffic and routine floor maintenance. You should hire a grout/tile cleaning professional as soon as you notice your tile lacking its luster and degrading quality.