Green Cleaning Services

Many households and companies do their best to be sustainable by maintaining a clean and safe environment for their peers.

Yet, you would be as surprised as we were when we found out just how many of those people are still using toxic, mainstream cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals.

Although often overlooked, conventional cleaning products have many harmful effects on whoever is exposed to them. For example, many cleaning supplies can irritate your eyes or throat and cause you those nasty headaches everyone hates.

Green Cleaning Services by MOM commercial cleaners

Many cleaning products also release dangerous chemicals, such as volatile organic compounds, ammonia, and bleach, which are generally bad for anyone.

On the other hand, switching to green cleaning can ensure you a healthy home. Read on for more!

The Importance of Green Cleaning Services

In many cases, people falsely think that green cleaning services cater to their homes only. However, they’re as important in your place of work as they are in your household.

I mean, think about it. People spend hours upon hours in their offices, in some cases even more than they stay home. And they deserve to be safe during their office hours.

So, it’s no doubt that everyone wants a clean and healthy environment in their houses and places of work, and in turn, it makes sense to use clean and healthy cleaning products.

Not to mention all the good switching to non-toxic green cleaning services will do for the environment. Unfortunately, conventional products don’t harm people only; they’re also not all that eco friendly.

Our green cleaning services provide products that are much more environmentally friendly. Green cleaning products are less hazardous for the environment as they don’t contain harmful chemicals or the human or aquatic toxins usually found in conventional products.

Not to mention that green products are typically packed in recyclable or recycled containers. So all those factors we talked about are contributing to a reduced environmental impact.

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Why Use Green Cleaning Services

Time and Money Savings

Let’s talk about time savings. Our professional house cleaners do an excellent job at deep cleaning your home or office. Instead of you having to take an entire day to get all your cleaning done, our green cleaning services save you that hassle while also providing eco-friendly, squeaky clean results.

As for money, green cleaning allows you to save more on energy. For example, our maid service has products that use much less hot water, so you will end up seeing significant savings on your water and electric bills.

Green Cleaning Services Appearance

Our maid service provides house cleaners with a variety of cleaning solutions and green cleaning tips. So we guarantee that you won’t see green cleaning products of better quality than the ones we use.

We do that to ensure that we give you a house cleaning as you’ve never seen before.

Our Solutions

We have cleaning solutions to all of the difficulties the average Joe encounters.

For example, is your bathroom covered in colored stains? We give the stained area a good deep brushing with a high-quality detergent. Moreover, we’re ready to apply multiple rounds of brushing until the stain is gone.

Got dull, discolored porcelain, doesn’t that suck? We fix that by treating the porcelain with a hard water mineral remover that restores the porcelain to its previous beautiful self for your eyes to enjoy.

What Are Green Cleaning Services?

Types of Green Cleaning Services

There are two main types: fully organic cleaning services and cleaning services that use healthy non-harmful chemicals. Both are completely safe for both people and the environment.

Our Green Cleaning Methods

Instead of harmful cleaning products, we opt for healthier options to clean, such as baking soda, lemon, and white vinegar. Those do an excellent job at cleaning most surfaces.

What Is Included in Green Cleaning Services

When you hire our green cleaning services, our professional house cleaners will arrive with their high-quality products and recyclable packages and take care of everything – practical results guaranteed.

Professional Green Cleaning Products

We use a wide range of healthy products, all decorated with the green seal, such as SafeChoice Super Clean (all-purpose), Osmo Wash and Care (floors), and Greenmaker Glass and Window Concentrate.

Green Cleaning Examples

An example of the ingredients we use in our products is hydrogen peroxide (3% concentrate), a non-toxic bleach and stain remover.

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Our Green Cleaning Services

How to Hire a Green Cleaning Service?

You have two options, phone or internet. You can find their number, give them a call, tell them your address, and book an appointment.

Alternatively, you can look up their website and contact them via text or email, drop your location, and set a date.

How to Choose a Professional Green Cleaning Service?

The first thing you look up before booking any appointments is a license. Make sure the house cleaning company you use is legit by making sure they’re licensed professionals and not just doing a side hustle for a few extra bucks.

Furthermore, the employees should look and act professional and have all the tools they need at their disposal.

Our Green Cleaning Plans

The most basic, regular cleaning typically involves dusting all surfaces and decorations, vacuuming the carpets, and giving the floor a mop. That usually takes a few hours.

Deep cleaning is more intense than regular cleaning. When deep cleaning, we move your furniture around to get inside every nook and cranny to ensure we do a fantastic job.

And you have the extreme cleaning package, made for places that have been abandoned for months or more. This cleaning service turns any home, whatever its current situation, into a clean, healthy place.

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The real question is, why not? They cost the same as conventional products, do an excellent job cleaning, and are environmentally friendly.

It is using products that in no way emit any pollutants when used. It is crucial for the health of the general public and the environment.

When you use conventional cleaning products, you expose yourself and others to harsh chemicals that harm the body and the Earth. Thus, by using green cleaning, you’re making more environmentally conscious choices.