One of the Best Commercial Cleaning Company in Quebec

We differentiate ourselves by how we work with each other, and how we value the work of our franchisees and subcontractors.

Clear communication

We keep the lines of communication open with each other and with all stakeholders.


We encourage individual freedom and initiative as the springboard to achievement.


We are creative, nimble and open to fresh ideas. We are restless in our pursuit of improvement.


We are ethical and transparent in all our dealings with franchisees, staff and clients.


We take initiative, lead by example and inspire each other to stretch our limits.

Good sense

We look at the big picture, valuing long-term relationships over short-term gains.

About MOM


The highest standards of ethical, moral and honest conduct at all times


Together, we support co-workers and franchisees to achieve excellence

MOM mascot of our commercial cleaning company


We surround ourselves with great people who help create a great culture and performance


We care about each other and we translate this passion into our jobs


In the summer of 2004, one of our founders was working in construction between semesters at university. When the project wrapped up, he offered to clean the building for extra income. Soon after returning to school to complete his business degree, he hired his first employee to help manage what had become a burgeoning business. We’ve expanded significantly since our humble beginnings in 2004, when we were Montreal Office Maintenance. As we entered new markets and crossed provincial borders, we streamlined our name. Now we’re simply MOM.


Our business was born from the insight that while this industry is crowded with skilled labor, it’s lacking in quality, service and innovation. We believe our owner-operator approach is transforming the industry from janitorial service providers into customer service specialists. Our goal is to provide clients with a valued service in a manner that enables them to remain focused on growing their business while we handle the dirty work. Our mission is to make cleaning even simpler than it sounds. We make life easier for our clients by providing them with reliable solutions for all their maintenance needs supported by first-class customer service.


At MOM, we embrace change in our business. We’ve onboarded training technologies and innovative service offerings. We continuously invest in new equipment and work with suppliers to test new products. We’ve made additions and acquisitions to extend our service coverage. And we use reporting and analysis tools to deliver superior cleaning results. Behind the front lines, we’ve also grown our infrastructure and management systems so that we can service any size account. In fact, it’s the back-office support that enables our front-line team to succeed.


Two experienced leaders, Laurent Saumon and Yanik Trottier, are at the head of our team. They bring over 20 years of experience serving businesses and an enthusiastic vision for the future of commercial cleaning. The partners are supported by two primary departments — Operations and Office — each with exceptional teams that provide mutual support every single day.

Leave the dirty work to us!

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