Move-Out Cleaning Services

Almost everyone dreads moving, and for a good reason. You might find yourself running around with a floor-length to-do list and no time at all to tick the items off the list. Whether you’re a renter, landlord, or homeowner, you know that your house or apartment needs a moving cleaning, but you probably can’t prioritize that.  

This is where move-out cleaning services swoop in to save the day. So, tag along as we tell you all about what they are. And if you’re scouring the internet for “move-out house cleaning near me”, you’ll love MOM Commercial Cleaning. 

condos move-in or move-out with MOM Cleaning services

The Importance of Move-Out Cleaning Services

It’s no secret that moving can be stressful and hectic. That’s why having such a service to take care of your cleaning needs is a great idea. It can tremendously relieve your stress, leaving you with clean homes, almost like you were never there. So, your landlord or tenant is bound to be pleased. 

Is It Worth Getting Move-Out Professionally Cleaned? 

Hiring move-out cleaning services is worth it because we have the advanced techniques and processes necessary to clean your place thoroughly. With MOM, you can rest assured that we won’t leave a corner unturned and uncleaned. Moreover, you’ll be able to focus solely on furnishing your new house. We also provide move-in cleaning services. 

Why Use Move-Out Cleaning Services 

Time and Money Savings 

When you’re moving out, you already have a lot on your plate, and you’re busy packing and organizing your new space. Not to mention, you have to settle so much with property managers, landlords, or real estate brokers. Therefore, you may not have the time to do a deep cleaning of your entire house or apartment. 

And if you somehow manage to clean the place amid your busy schedule, it might not hold up to the move-out inspection standards of the property manager. Consequently, you’ll have to clean it again. 

This process isn’t only time-consuming, but it can also be expensive. For example, if you’re a tenant and leave the apartment or house without a quality moving cleaning, you might be denied your security deposit or damage deposit. Therefore, getting it professionally cleaned can save you a ton of money and time. 

Clean House Appearance

Having a spotless house or apartment look before an open house is more crucial than you think when it comes to selling or renting a property. Your potential renters or buyers are more likely to snatch up a place if it’s nice and clean. Accordingly, ensuring that the home is in tip-top shape protects your investment in a way. 

Even better, when you clean the house or apartment, you’re making it a worthwhile investment by maximizing your profit since you can charge more for the house. 

Our Solutions

With cleanliness being such a game-changer, you certainly want to play your cards right. Hiring a professional cleaning service for an apartment or house is the move, saving you your precious time and money. So, contact MOM for a moving cleaning, now! 

Plus, we also offer move-in cleaning services. Our services are available in various locations, including Toronto, Saint Laurent, Quebec, Pointe-Claire, Ottawa, Montreal, Longueuil, Levis, Laval, LaSalle, Lachine, Dorval, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Brossard, and Brampton. 

What Are Move-Out Cleaning Services? 

Our Move-Out Cleaning Elements 

Our business offers a comprehensive range of services, as you’ll see, but first, let’s list the essential elements we focus on when we clean any space: 

  • Vacuuming all rooms 
  • Sweeping all bare floors 
  • Dusting pictures, window sills, lampshades, baseboards, and everything else. 
  • Scrubbing showers, bathtubs, and toilets 
  • Cleaning countertops, sinks, and kitchen appliances 
  • Wiping the exterior of cupboards 
  • Spot cleaning doors, baseboards, frames, walls, and more. 

What Is Included in Move-Out Cleaning Services?

You may have formed a basic understanding of what a move-in/move-out cleaning service ought to do, but we’ll break down what that entails for each room of your home. 

We’re starting off with kitchens. At MOM, we clean the cabinet interiors and exteriors, sills and tracks of windows, wall and baseboard stains, and appliance exteriors, such as an oven, fridge, stove, range hood, dishwasher, and microwave exterior. 

We also dust, wipe or do both for shelves, counter tops, and baseboards. Wiping further extends to doors, door frames, doorknobs, light switches, and small appliances, including a microwave, coffee maker, and toaster. Not to mention, we dust all surfaces. 

As for washing, we reserve that for sinks, backsplash, and floors (but not before they’re vacuumed). Moreover, if your dishwasher is empty, our team will load your dishes into it. And finally, they’ll empty your recycling and garbage bins. 

On another note, we understand that unsanitary bathrooms can be a dealbreaker. So, we make it a point to clean and sanitize your sink, bathtub, glass doors, shower walls, and, of course, toilets. Furthermore, we clean cabinet interiors and exteriors, mirrors, tracks and sills of windows, wall stains, and baseboard marks. 

In bathrooms, we’ll also get your shelves, countertops, and baseboards dusted, wiped, or both. And we won’t neglect to wipe doors, door frames, doorknobs, and light switches. Undoubtedly, we’ll wipe the dust off any surfaces and vacuum and sweep your floors. Also, your recycling and garbage bins will be emptied. 

Then, when it comes to bedrooms, your hard surface floors will be vacuumed and damp-mopped. We also do rug and carpet cleaning. Additionally, our team will clean the insides and fronts of your closet, wall and baseboard marks, mirrors, and tracks and sills of windows. 

As with bathrooms and kitchens, we take out the garbage. Undoubtedly, we’ll dust all surfaces, and we might dust or wipe baseboards. Wiping is also on our cleaning checklist for doors, door frames, doorknobs, and light switches. 

As a professional move-out cleaning business, our cleaning extends to other living areas as well. So, we conduct the same services from getting carpets vacuumed to removing dust and mold and everything in between wherever they’re needed. 

Move-Out Cleaning Examples

Our move-out cleaning services can be beneficial in multiple cases. 

House Cleaning

When you’re moving out of your home, there’s so much for you to worry about, but you shouldn’t have to worry about taking care of your old house’s cleanliness. Leave the dirty work to us, and relieve yourself from that stress with our move-out house cleaning services. This way, you can devote your undivided attention to your new, clean place. 

Residential Cleaning 

If you’re a realtor, move-out cleaning services can be a lifesaver. You know more than anyone that cultivating good relationships with your clients is crucial, so you certainly want to make them happy and improve their buying experience with residential cleaning. 

What better way to do that than by hiring a high-quality company to clean before an open house? Contact MOM to take care of your residential cleaning needs, and your clients will be grateful and recommend you to anyone looking for a real estate agent. 

Our Move-Out Cleaning Services

How to Hire a Move-Out Cleaning Company? 

Requesting a move-out cleaning business has never been so easy. To request a free quote from MOM, you can contact us by giving us a call at +1 (866) 225-5666. You can also fill out our online form so that you’re contacted by the right MOM representative in 20 minutes or less. 

How to Choose a Professional Move-Out Cleaning Service? 

Simply put, you can choose a quality house cleaning move-in/out business by comparing its offerings to your needs, such as carpet cleaning, toilet scrubbing, and more. And we’ve previously illustrated what you can expect from such a service, which should help you choose a service to clean your house. 

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MOM might be the best service for your cleaning needs. We clean your house/apartment from top to bottom; our owner-operator business model makes sure of that. And in our efforts to be eco-friendly, we provide you with green cleaning services. We use green-certified cleaning products and cleaning techniques, which reduce your environmental footprint. 

The average move-out clean is $360. If you want to get an apartment cleaned, that can cost $110 to $350. However, getting a house cleaned up to 3500 square feet might cost $450 to $650 or more. Needless to say, the exact price varies according to the amount of work needed and the size of your house/apartment. 

It’s undoubtedly better to let someone with years of expertise do the job. Also, a professional cleaning means you get to save money and time. And move-out cleaning services probably have more specialized equipment to clean your house than you do, so they’ll have it spotless in no time.