How Important is the Employee Restroom?

When thinking about creating and maintaining an office space, a lot of focus goes into making sure that the actual office area is functional, pleasant, and inspiring. The office space is not only the place where people put in time and effort, it’s also a reflection of the company itself. How it is designed and more importantly how it is maintained tells everyone who comes in a little bit more about how much a company owner values their company.

However, an often overlooked but extremely important room in the office is the employee restroom. Why is the restroom so important and what do employees value in a restroom? Let us tell you.  

A Clean Washroom Communicates Respect 

The restroom itself is one way for employees to gauge how much employers value them. While it might not seem obvious, a clean and functional restroom as an indicator of value, an unmaintained restroom really reflects poorly on management.  

Clean Restrooms = Less Spread of Bacteria

The restroom is a harbour for all kinds of bacteria. By keeping your employee restrooms maintained, you are helping reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, which is something employees will be very appreciative of.  

Make Use of Automatization

With regard to the avoiding bacteria’s spread, employees want more sensor-based and touchless apparatuses in the bathrooms such as automatic-flush toilets, motion-detector sinks, soap dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers, hand dryers and air fresheners.  

Ensure Proper Amenities for your Employees

Having proper mirrors (both above sink and full length) as well as hooks in the stalls or shelves to be able to place personal items are also items that employees value having in their washroom.  

Clean and in Working Order = a Happy Staff

Nothing is worse than walking into a bathroom where something needs to be cleaned or fixed but there’s nobody who is able to help. By having regular maintenance checks for the employee bathroom, you can help ensure that blocks, clogs or any other surprise is taken care of and taken care of quickly.  

Keep a Full Stock of Supplies!

There’s nothing worse than going to the bathroom and realizing that there isn’t any more soap or paper. Ensure that there are extra janitorial and personal supplies on site that employees can access if need be.  

Respect your Employees’ Privacy

Respecting your employees and their privacy must be a top priority. It’s therefore important to routinely check to that all the locks on the doors are working and secure. 

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Accessibility and inclusive washrooms are essential in the workplace and are crucial for making sure that every employee and guest in the building feels noticed and taken account for.  

While ping-pong tables and cool sitting areas are great to have in the office, sometimes the most essential and simple of rooms get overlooked. When thinking about your office space, make sure to consider the employee washroom as a high priority space and your employees are sure to appreciate the effort.  

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