7 Ways to Improve Your Janitorial Services

In business, in order to grow, it’s essential to constantly be improving your practices. Janitorial service companies are among those industries that are evolving in so many ways. Here are 7 ways to keep your janitorial services at the top of the pack: 

 1. Get to Know Your Janitorial Team

This may seem simple, but the best way to improve your services is by actually getting to know the teams that are executing these janitorial services. Setting up an informal meeting monthly can be a great way to get employees together and give employers the opportunity to meet the people who are representing them out in the field.  

2. Support Your cleaners, Even When You aren’t There

Despite the fact that the janitorial teams who are working jobs have already gone through training, it shouldn’t be expected that everyone memorize everything right away. Having guides, manuals and how-to’s available to janitorial staff while they’re on site can really help boost their confidence and help remind them what a successful shift looks like. These guides can be hardcopy, but having them available online makes them accessible to everyone whenever they may need! 

3. Create a Simple Method for Communicating Issues On Site

The last thing an employer wants is for a client to lodge a complaint or report an issue that their staff hasn’t yet told them about. However, it’s not always simple for staff to figure out how and to whom they should be reporting issues. Creating an online system, either through the use of a janitorial software or through an in-house design, where janitorial staff can report any issues that have occurred during a shift in a simple manner is an important factor in improving your services. It’s keeps you in the loop and helps you stay proactive in maintaining your client relationships. 

4. Check-in With Your Cleaners To See How They’re Feeling

It’s important that your janitorial staff feel valued, but in-person check-ins aren’t always feasible. A great way to keep abreast of how your staff is feeling is by using online trackers where staff can quickly respond with how they are feeling. These kinds of check-ins really help managers get prepared when it comes to day-to-day successes as well as future performance evaluations.  

5. Stay On Top of Your Hiring

This one is simple, but a reminder never hurts. The easiest way to keep your janitorial teams sparkling is by ensuring that hiring practices don’t become lax.  

6. Listen to and Encourage Feedback from Your Customers

Since your customers are the ones who get to witness the work of your janitorial staff first hand, in order to keep your company improving, it’s essential that you welcome and encourage feedback from them! They are the eyes on the ground and can attest to the quality of the job.  

7. Be Open To and On the Lookout for Ways to Innovate Your Services

Innovation is all around us! An important way to stay relevant and keep improving with time is to be open to trying new and innovative methods or tools to incorporate into your janitorial routine.  

Improvements can always be made, even in the most successful of companies. Companies that are open to improvement and innovation will continually see success in their futures! Shouldn’t that be you?  

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