Keeping Your Office Washrooms Clean & Safe

Office washrooms are often thought to be breeding grounds for bacteria and other hygienically unappealing paraphernalia. In reality, restrooms are just like any other room of your office or living space: they simply need proper care and attention. But just like any staff or boardroom, a washroom is only as clean as the effort made by those in charge of cleaning it.

Proper office washroom cleaning involves setting clear hygienic standards, and then developing a regime that maintains them. Whether that regime is developed by your in-house janitorial staff or outsourced to an office cleaning company such as MOM, it should cover the important points of restroom care, and foster a pleasant washroom experience for your staff and clients alike.

The Nitty Gritty

A common fallacy about office washroom cleanliness is “if its good enough for my home, then its good enough for the office”. The truth, however, is that private and public facilities are two entirely different animals. The care a home washroom requires is quite different than the care a public restroom needs.

Domestic washrooms are designed to accommodate a small circle of family and friends, whereas industrial washrooms are designed to accommodate a high volume of strangers. To be clean and hygienic rather than just look neat, public washrooms require much more complex cleaning procedures.

The Breakdown

In the interest of meeting the standards of washroom cleanliness, here is an example of some vital areas that go unnoticed to the untrained eye:

  • Mirrors and metal fixtures (faucets, hand dryers) should be free of soils, marks, fingerprints, oils or any other residue that can hold bacteria
  • Doors, doorknobs, walls and ceilings are free of soils, water spots, graffiti, or any other residue
  • Dispensers are clean and correctly filled
  • Sinks, toilet seats, and urinals are clean, dry, and free of all soils or bodily fluids
  • Floor-drain covers are free of lint, dirt, mop strings, etc
  • Floor-surfaces are clean, slip-resistant, and without any buildup of any kind of residue
  • Vents are clean and without lint or other types of residue
  • Ledges and any other horizontal surfaces are free of soils or residues
  • Trash bags have been properly removed from receptacle, properly disposed of newly replaced
  • Air is fresh and free of unpleasant odours

What’s Next?

Being aware of often-overlooked office washroom problem spots is good but developing a restroom-cleaning program that will properly address them is better. Professional cleaning companies like MOM can help you identify the specific cleaning needs of your office washrooms, develop a plan that addresses those needs, and then implement that plan on an ongoing basis.

Even though it’s not the first stop on any office tour, a restroom that doesn’t only look clean and fresh makes a powerful impression. To guarantee that this happens, get familiar with the specific needs of your restroom facilities, and enlist the right cleaning professional to pay attention to everything from the obvious to the finishing touches.

Importance of cleaning and disinfecting employee restrooms

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