5 Tips for Maintaining Your Office Carpets  

How to clean your office carpet

Carpeting the office space is certainly an investment, and therefore, not one you want to make and then remake every couple of years. In order to keep the carpeting looking fresh and clean, a professional carpet cleaning plan is necessary. Here are 5 essential tips for an optimal carpet cleaning plan.

1. Choose the right kind of carpet

Maintaining your office carpeting starts before its even laid down. When planning to carpet your office, it is essential to make a smart choice. The office is a shoes-on environment with lots of people walking and working everywhere. Therefore, when choosing your office carpet, a good rule of thumb is to stick with neutral colours like grey, brown, beige, as they are great colours for hiding stains.

Choose types of carpet that are durable and created for commercial spaces. Keep in mind, however, that some areas of the office should not have carpet at all! Washrooms and kitchen areas should be void of carpet all together in order to keep them sanitary.

2. Identify high versus low need areas

Not all areas of the office are created equal. Some areas are considered higher traffic than others, and these high traffic areas are the ones to look out for when it comes to your office carpet cleaning.

Entrance ways, hallways, break rooms, supplies and copy areas are all examples of areas that everyone uses and therefore areas that are at a higher risk for wear and tear. Stain guarding these areas is a great way to protect them from excess dirt and damage and will keep them looking as good as low traffic areas.

3. Address spills immediately

Even with a stain-guarded, commercial use carpet, spills can still make a mess. While it isn’t possible for a carpet cleaning crew to address every spill as it happens, it is important to ensure that employees know that they should address them right away. Having cleaning supplies easily accessible in common areas for situations like these is essential for the longevity of your carpet. Sure, accidents happen, but they don’t have to endure for the long term.

4. Vacuuming

Vacuuming isn’t a hard thing to do, and in high traffic areas, especiallyEmployee carpet cleaning in a Montreal school during the winter when dirt is abound, vacuuming is a very important part of office carpet maintenance. Vacuuming regularly can extend the life of your carpet and keep its appearance looking fresh every day. Ensure that your office maintenance crew is doing this every day, and you’ll be grateful in the long run.

5. Deep office carpet cleaning

Carpets, like everywhere else in the office, need deep cleaning as much as they need surface or daily cleaning. Deep cleaning doesn’t need to happen every day, but for high traffic areas, should happen once a month, and seasonally throughout the rest of the office.

employee vacuuming at one of our business clientWhat deep cleaning does is really get into the carpet’s fibers and release the dirt and grime that gets trapped in below the surface. Especially in four season cities, deep carpet cleaning your carpets should be a non-negotiable. Hiring a commercial cleaning company is the best route to take for this kind of task, as these companies already have all the supplies and equipment necessary for the deep clean and they know how to do it with maintaining your carpet in mind.


While Professional carpet cleaning may not seem like a high priority, maintaining any investment you’ve made into your company should be, so let’s not neglect the carpets! Creating a culture of office cleanliness not only helps maintain your physical investments but also your human investments, as everybody thrives in a clean space 

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