Top 5 Reasons to Clean Your Air Vents

Air vents are among the primary causes of air pollution in workplace environments.
Employees may also have allergies that can be triggered by built up air pollution inside your
air vent system. Here are the top 5 reasons you should get your air vents cleaned by
professionals on a regular basis.

Clean Air Vents help fight allergies

We are all happy when spring finally arrives, except for some of us who fear the allergy
invasion. Although allergies are usually triggered outdoors, it’s not because you spend most
of your day in an office that you are safe: Remember the dust! Dust is a large allergy vehicle
for a lot of people. Cleaning your air vents by removing dust will help reduce dust allergies
and improve the atmosphere in the workplace as well as productivity.

Improves breathing

Cleaning your office’s air vents will help people breath clean air instead of dusty air. In fact,
air vents will frequently have dust building up and bacteria multiplying. Once diffused in
your office, those harmful particles can trigger sneezing, coughing, and sinus congestion. The
air vents of your commercial facilities should be cleaned once every 3 to 4 years at least.

Clean Air Vents Improves air flow

Your ventilation system must work harder to heat or cool your workplace as the build up of
dust, grime and various debris can restrict the flow of air. The only way to prevent this loss
of energy efficiency is to clean your commercial or industrial air vents regularly.

Eliminates Musty Odors

Dust, bacteria, and mold are likely to bring an unpleasant smell to your air duct and the
ventilation system will ensure to spread it all around the office. So instead of consistently
buying air fresheners and costly scented candles, consider improving the quality of air and
eliminating that musty odor by cleaning your air duct regularly.

Increasing the lifespan of your system

Although HVAC systems are expensive, 9 out of 10 systems break because of poor or lack of
maintenance. Preventive maintenance services will definitively extend your HVAC system’s

MOM will help you turn your office environment in a better place for everyone.

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