How to clean workplace rugs and commercial carpets

Rugs and carpets are types of flooring that are frequently found in common spaces of apartment and office buildings, hence the importance of understanding the different cleaning & maintenance techniques for different types of fibers and weaving methods.

The 5 key steps in cleaning commercial & industrial carpets and rugs:

  1. Dirt containment
  2. Prevent dirt from entering your workplace by using special mats at the entrance of your buildings.

  3. Vacuuming
  4. Vacuum regularly to remove all dry debris from the fabric.

  5. Stain removal
  6. Spot clean all visible stains on your carpet using the recommended professional techniques. Remember to test each new chemical product before usage on the main area.

  7. Periodic cleaning
  8. Use a regular maintenance program to enhance the appearance of rugs and carpets in your workplace.

  9. Restoration
  10. Deep clean your carpets by using powerful machines to remove encrusted residues and deep soiling which mar the high traffic areas of your workplace.

The main factors that impact the result of the commercial cleaning of carpets and rugs, are usually composed of what is commonly called the circle of vice.

  • The physicochemical conditions of the water such as pH, temperature, presence of minerals and alkalinity, which influence the behavior of detergents, disinfectants and the results of cleaning.
  • The mechanical action of friction, which mixes the fibers of the carpet, picks up stains and eliminates micro-organisms.
  • The chemical action of the method of choice and cleaning product depends on the nature and the fragility of the floor covering.
  • Contact time is the time required for a disinfectant to inactivate an organism or a detergent to suspend impurities.

In the case of commercial carpet cleaning, instead of using cold water, steaming is the method that is used for cleaning. The heat helps dislodge molecules and bacteria, which cause bad odors and health risks, and it also facilitates the suspension of dirt.

These basic principles and professional cleaning techniques for commercial carpets and rugs are the same, regardless of the materials that are used or the type or the floor covering. The regular maintenance of your welcome rugs and your carpet guarantees a better working environment: healthier, with less fine particles in the air and less bacteria breathed throughout the day. Moreover, this also allows you to significantly increase the life of these surfaces.

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