Benefits of Backpack Vacuums

Janitorial services are rendered daily, and one of the daily duties of professional janitorial staff across all industries is vacuuming. While we may not think about how straining a daily vacuuming job may be, using regular vertical vacuums can be quite harmful and even dangerous for janitorial staff to use. Backpack vacuums are becoming a hot new alternative and here’s why.  

A backpack vacuum is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an industrial vacuum cleaner that sits on the shoulders of the person using it. They are fitted with padding and adjustable straps as well as a waist straps so that the vacuum is securely attached to the user.  

Increased mobility

With the backpack vacuum attached to the user, there is less worry about getting and moving around. Furthermore, there is no need to drag the bulky machine around the surface area that you are trying to vacuum – the vacuum literally goes wherever you go!  

Increased productivity

This is a big one. There is a lot of research out there that supports the use of backpack vacuums and their assistance in increased productivity. Firstly, these backpack vacuums are able to more seamlessly transition from carpet to floor than the vertical machines. Furthermore, the use of the backpack cleaner greatly reduced time spent cleaning. The same quality of the job gets done in half the amount of time.  

Reduced physical strain

A big button issue with regard to vertical vacuums is how much strain pulling and pushing the industrial machines places on the janitorial team. The repetitive use of vertical vacuums has been linked to injuries in the wrists, elbows, rotator cuff, lower back and biceps. The use of a backpack vacuum actually allows the user to use his or her body weight to help with the back and forth motion of the vacuum instead of overextended and staining individual muscles. Another issue with vertical vacuums is that when users are vacuuming, they tend to bend or hunch over, which is quite dangerous for your posture and can lead to pulling and straining muscles. With a backpack vacuum, straight posture is essential for holding it up – so no hunching over required.  

Reduced cord hazards

With vertical vacuums, there are quite a few risks associated with the cords that plug into the wall. First, because the cord is gathered underfoot, oftentimes vacuum cords present tripping hazards to those using them. Furthermore, cords tend to become used and damaged overtime. These damages can be hazardous in that they are at risk for causing potential electrical shorts or fires. Cords get easily damaged by being pulled and lugged around throughout a room instead of being unplugged to save time. This method of operation is putting your janitorial staff at an unnecessary risk.  

Improved cleaning & healthier air

Because the use of backpack vacuums aids with productivity, less places around the office will get neglected due to time running out. Furthermore, because these machines are more ergonomic, users can move around more efficiently and get to those usually hard to reach places. Backpack vacuums are also better for health reasons. Instead of lifting the dirt and allergens and spreading them into the air like vertical vacuums, backpack vacuums lift these particles from the ground, where they go directly into the container without agitating the surface. Furthermore, these machines are fitted with HEPA filters, which capture 99.97% of germs and allergens that get trapped in carpets and floors.  

Trying out new equipment is certainly a learning curve for both you and your janitorial team. But the use of backpack vacuums can certainly bring great benefits to everyone involved! 

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