The Importance of an Immaculate Entranceway

Everybody knows that a first impression is important. And while we are always taught not to judge anything or anyone from their appearance, when it comes to buildings, we can’t help but to form an opinion just by looking at the physical business’ exterior and entranceway. A poorly maintained entrance can be quite a deterrent for potential clients, and keeping it immaculate is a great start for peaking their interest and gaining their respect.  

The entryway to your building should be a direct reflection of your brand. From the get-go, signage should be clear and unobstructed. The actual signage itself should be maintained and cleaned regularly as well. If there is any backlighting, ensure that lightbulbs are intact and dead ones are replaced. Cobwebs, dust and grime shouldn’t be visible at any point – seeing as this is first contact with any passerby’s and potential clients.  

Signage isn’t the only thing people will notice. Ensure that any strewn trash or debris is cleaned up daily, that trash cans are regularly emptied and that the front walkway is swept every day. In the winter, it is essential that your entranceway is properly shoveled and salted so that potential clients feel as though they can actually access your business. Every season brings with it its own ups and downs. Ensuring that your entranceway is well equipped for all the seasons can have quite the impression on those who come in. Speak to your professional janitorial staff about getting proper matting for wet weather and then set up a schedule for rotating them.  

Other areas that need to be regularly professionally cleaned include the windows and walls. While these are not maybe areas that would come to mind right away, they are areas that clients will notice. Windows should be professionally washed weekly, and walls should be part of seasonal office cleanings. Both of these areas tend to harbour dirt and grime, and while it’s more visible on the windows, walls need attention too.  

When it comes to a sparkling entranceway, there are certain things that need cleaning every day. Doors and handles need to be cleaned and sanitized every day as part of the nightly janitorial duties. Doorknobs and handles are known to be hotspots for germs and bacteria, therefore daily sanitizing of them is a must. Floors and carpets should also be properly cleaned every day. A good janitorial team will know exactly what kind of routines should happen daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally for your flooring. If there are any stains or cracks in the floor, ensure that the proper steps are being taken immediately to repair the damage.  Another important daily task to remember is to take care of the entranceway plant life. If you have any greenery in your entrance, it’s essential that it is healthy and happy. No potential clients want to be greeted by a dying plant, so make sure that they are being watered, pruned to look their best.  

Make sure your business is making the right impression from the start.  

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