Your Office Furniture Should Be Professionally Cleaned: Here’s Why

There is no debate that the office space itself needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained. However, while the larger spaces are routinely cleaned, the smaller, yet just as used, parts of an office often get neglected: the furniture.  

All the furniture in the office – from foyer couches, to desks, to chairs, shelving, and common room furniture – certainly get used and abused. The abuse that these office items take is not intentional, but the constant use of them causes great wear and tear. Instead of replacing furniture every year, engaging in routine professional cleaning can help extend their longevity greatly. What kinds of cleaning should you be sure to do?  

Upholstery cleaning

This is the big one! Upholstery can be found quite literally everywhere in an office. From couches and chairs in the lobby to desk chairs, common areas, and offices themselves, the upholstery everywhere needs to be regularly cleaned. These aren’t difficult to get clean, but are often neglected during nightly maintenance and janitorial cleanings. The big issue here is that the fibres in the upholstery tend to harbor dust, dirt, debris and allergens. It is the ideal environment for these to survive and thrive. Furthermore, upholstery tends to be a magnet for stains. Professional upholstery cleaning a few times a year can remove the debris and allergens as well remove any stains, thus extending the life of your furniture. While regular vacuuming of upholstery can help remove dust and dirt, it’s really best to have these items professionally cleaned as janitorial services have industrial grade equipment to get the job properly done.  

Surface cleaning and disinfecting

Everything from desks, to tables, to non-upholstered chairs in the office space need to be cleaned daily but they also need to be properly sanitized and disinfected. Professional janitorial services have all the tools needed to get these areas germ and grime free.  

Steaming curtains and dusting blinds

Curtains and blinds are often forgotten about in the office; however, they tend to harbor quite a bit of dust! Curtains also tend to get stained and dirty just from all the movement around in the office. Blinds are often dust collectors too. While they won’t get stained, the slats easily get covered in dust, which pollutes the air with allergens. Though curtains and blinds may not be thought of outright as office furniture, they certainly are problematic areas in the office that need to be cleaned regularly and by professionals who have the tools to clean them properly.  

Make the phone call to your janitorial service provider and find out how they can help you keep your office furniture looking sharp by cleaning it properly and routinely.  

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