Janitorial software saves you time and money

Like every industry, the commercial cleaning industry is evolving with technology. Janitorial software helps to digitize scheduling, time tracking, managing your contracts as well as your janitorial team, and it’s all in one software. There are many benefits for commercial cleaning companies to go digital and partner with a janitorial software and here they are.  

Staff management

Schedules and availabilities: With janitorial software, cleaners are able to put in their availabilities directly into the software, so when making the schedules, they are never booked for shifts that they can’t do! Furthermore, if any scheduling changes have to be made, they are done through the scheduling software, which will then notify any employees whom these changes affect. Scheduling software helps reduce scheduling errors, which in turn increases profitability and decreases management headaches.  

Online schedules

Schedules aren’t just sent in an email or posted at HQ. They are available to look at from anywhere at any time on the software. This easy access means more reliability!   


Since people are always on their devices anyway, why not jump on board? With a janitorial software, you can send out important information with the click of a button and know that your team will get the notification to their devices right away.  

Time tracking

Through the use of check-ins and GPS tracking, you can be sure that your janitorial team is where they say they are when they say they are. There is even janitorial software that will send alerts if a cleaner has not signed in. 

Immediate support

With a janitorial software, you can upload all the guides and how-to’s that cleaners may need to access on the job. Carrying around guidebooks can be cumbersome and unrealistic. Here, everything they need to know can be accessible with their phones or tablets. You can even send a last minute instruction while the team is on the job if need be with attachments or photos for how to get it done.  

Problem reporting and performance measurement

If one of your cleaners encounters an issue on the job, they can instantly report it using the software. They can even attach photos if need be! Furthermore, you can improve the service you provide by creating detailed checklists for performance measurement that your cleaning team can read through and check off once completed. There are even features with some software for conducting performance reviews that can then be shared with the cleaners and the clients.  

Supplies tracking

Have inventory lists loaded to the software where janitorial staff can indicate quickly whenever they are running low on supplies. With this immediacy, there is a lower chance of not being stocked up for the next job.  

Online payments

Collecting payments from customers happens with the click of a button. You can collect from them within the software itself – no need to mail out invoices and wait for a cheque in the mail anymore.  

Communication with staff and customers

A janitorial software can provide you with easy communication between yourself and your team as well as with your customers. All three of you can be looped into one chat if necessary, therefore making expectations and needs clear and known.  


If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you, here’s one: simplicity. A janitorial software simplifies your life from start to finish. It allows you to keep working hard and generating business, without having to stop to deal with the little things that could happen on each job site. Save time and make more money, all while making the lives of everyone on your team that much better.  

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