The Most overlooked areas when cleaning

So you probably think you’ve got your cleaning regime down pat by now. While you may be correct, you’re probably missing some typically overlooked areas that you will want to add to your routine. No need to worry though, we’ve got you covered with our list of the 7 most forgotten areas to incorporate ASAP.

Air vents

All the vents in our homes are responsible for giving us cold and hot air. So it’s obviously extremely important that these stay germ and dust free. They tend to collect dust (we’re looking at you, bathroom fan) pretty regularly. Solution? Get on a step stool and really dust them every month. Use a vacuum if you can!


They block the sun and give us our privacy but they are also collecting loads of dust. Slatted blinds get super dusty, and curtains will collect dirt from the ground as well as from the blinds. Solution? Give them a good dusting and vacuum where you can using the smaller attachment.

Handles, doorknobs and switches – We touch them all day everyday. And let’s face it, our hands are pretty dirty. Keeping these guys clean is easy and takes no time. Solution: spray them down with disinfectant and wipe them often. This will keep them germ free and also they’ll sparkle!


Kitchen trash can

We throw our trash in the trash can, so that means the mess is gone right? Not exactly. Oftentimes our trash residue can accumulate at the bottom of the bin or along the sides, making our bins smelly and dirty. Solution: hose it out! Then spray and wipe it down with disinfectant regularly to keep germs at bay.

Throw pillows and blankets

Though they’re usually bought to jazz up a room, they are often used as foot rests, back supports, head pillows, napping supplies and who knows what else. And just like your bed pillows and blanket, they collect dead skin, dust, germs, and general dirt. Solution: run the vacuum over them every week and lauder the covers and blanket (if they come off) regularly to keep them fresh.

Décor knick-knacks

We love our knick-knacks. From picture frames, to vases and coffetable books, our little treasures are everywhere. While they do make our homes more beautiful, we often forget that they too are dust magnets and need to be cleaned in order to really keep our spaces clean. Solution? Dust them off and spray the ones that you can with all-purpose cleaner.



We would be lost (and tired) without our beloved coffee everyday and are thankful we have them, but how often do we think about giving them a real clean? Hard-water deposits and residue can manifest and spread like wildfire through your machines if you continue to neglect them. Solution? Run a 50-50 vinegar-water mix through the machine’s cycle. Turn the machine off for an hour halfway through and then turn it on and let it finish. Run water through the machine until the vinegar smell dissipates. Do this once and month and your machine will thank you.

So next time you’ve got your cleaning playlist on and you’re ready to dust and vacuum away, remember these 7 spots to ensure that you’re really getting every nook and cranny.  Don’t forget you can visit our cleaning blog for more helpful tips.

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