How commercial cleaning can boost retail sales

While a retailer’s primary focus is usually on providing a service to their customers, a close behind secondary focus should be on ensuring that their space is inviting, and a big part of making sure a space is inviting is ensuring that it is in tip-top shape. A chaotic, unkempt space can dissuade customers and a loss of customers means a loss of potential business. Having a professional commercial cleaning team come in regularly is a great way to maintain your space and to help draw customers in. What are the areas of concern? Let us tell you.  

Windows and display areas

Window displays are the key factors in drawing people into your business. While merchandisers and creative teams are the ones who deal with creating a story to draw people in, the commercial cleaning team is in charge of making sure that these windows are spotless. And it’s not just the glass itself! Window areas tend to collect dust, spiderwebs, and dead flies. Having these items on display will not help bring anyone into your business. A proper window and window display area cleaning must happen frequently, as these windows are your first impression maker for new and returning customers.  


It is natural that flooring gets abused in a busy business. After all, having a busy business means lots of foot traffic! However, regardless of the type of flooring you have in your space, be it tile, wood, carpet or vinyl, these floors will need some TLC. The dirt and grime brought in on the shoes of customers, spills and stains, and the potential garbage dropped throughout the day needs to be tended to everyday. Having a proper twice daily floor cleaning routine is essential in the longevity of your flooring. However, also having a routine with your commercial cleaning service with professional grade tools and products is invaluable.  

Customer areas

There are certain areas in a retail area that are more targeted toward the customers. These areas, like changing rooms or seating areas, are being constantly used by a multitude of people, and therefore tend to get quite messy. These areas are essential in helping you make the sale, so ensuring that they are being properly maintained and cleaned is of utmost importance. Dusting the floor and cleaning the mirrors regularly throughout the day can really make an impact in sales.  

Checkout area

This is the final stop for the customer. Even if the sale is already made, it doesn’t mean that this area can be neglected. This is where you are making a final impression! A messy checkout area can be off-putting to a customer. Ensure that any personal staff items like waters or coffees are out of the customer’s line of sight and that the actual counter itself is dirt and dust free.  

The impressions we make with each and every customer are important steps for business growth. Something as small as an unkempt retail space can really deter a customer from buying or coming back. Don’t let that happen to you! Make the best impression every time with a sparkling retail space.   

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