How to Go Green When You Clean: Tips for Green Cleaning

People everywhere are trying to find ways to incorporate eco-friendly methods into their everyday routines. The same principle applies to cleaning. What are some ways you can start going green when you clean? Here are our favourite tricks, products and methods.  

Re-purpose everyday products

White vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda. While these are products you may be accustomed to finding in your kitchens, they are actually great to use everywhere. White vinegar has natural antibacterial properties and can basically be used on any surface: counters, floors, appliances and more. It can remove stains and absorb bad odors when diluted and it’s totally natural. It’s a great product for cleaning and descaling appliances like dishwashers, coffee makers and even does a great job cleaning toilets! Lemons are also great for cleaning. They have natural antiseptic properties, and are great for eliminating odors, polishing, removing stains from dishes and Tupperware, as well as for disinfecting surfaces. Baking soda, yet another great natural cleaner, is able to tackle cleaning jobs that typically require heavy duty chemical cleaners. A thick baking soda paste can remove rust stains, and when diluted with water, it can act as an everyday all-purpose cleaner.  

Multi-use towels

Long gone should be the days of the one-time use paper towel. Paper towels, while they may be convenient, are quite wasteful and when trying to adopt an eco-friendlier approach, these should be eliminated. Instead, invest in rags and towels that are specifically used for cleaning and others that are specifically used for hands. There are loads of different kinds of towels out on the market and these are specific for different surfaces, so they may even do a BETTER job than your paper towels.  

Eco-friendly products

Ensure that the products that you have and use in the office are non-toxic and environmentally safe. Why? Well, firstly, by using these kinds of products you are reducing the exposure of employees to harmful toxins and chemicals in the air. Furthermore, you are reducing the potential for skin irritation and biochemical hazards in the office. Eco-friendly products are widely available online and in stores and are therefore very easy to purchase. Ensure when comparing these products that the ones you choose are plant-based and solvent and chemical free.  

Invest in modern cleaning technology

Yes, this is an important part of maintaining your green practices. By investing in the newest cleaning technology, you are investing in more eco-friendly technology as well as methods that help keep your space cleaner. If you don’t want to invest in these, ensure that the commercial cleaning company you’re hiring is using technologies that are new and eco-conscious.  

Change those filters!

Keeping on top of your air filters, ensuring that they are being cleaned and changed when necessary is an essential part of green cleaning. Getting them cleaned and changed helps keep your air system working EFFICIENTLY, and of course an efficient practice is an eco-friendly one. Furthermore, staying on top of your filters will help keep clean air circulating through the office, and what’s more green than clean air? 

Reduce, reuse, recycle

The 3 R’s will never get old. Keep on top of your office’s waste, and ensure that the whole team is committed to eco-friendly practices. Help keep employees encouraged by leading by example as well as creating as many opportunities as possible around the office for practicing the 3 R’s. 

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