Top Traits of a Successful Franchisee

So what kind of person makes for a great franchisee? These are the top qualities franchises and companies look for when finding new franchisees.


If you aren’t willing to work hard, then what’s the point of investing your money into a new franchise? Franchisees need to value hard work and be willing to put in the hours themselves to get everything off the ground from the start and help the business grow and grow.


MOM Cleaning company office in Mount Royal, QuebecOwning your own franchise will require that franchisees put in a lot of time and effort to help the franchise succeed. If they aren’t dedicated to this new franchise from the start, there’s not much hope for success. Furthermore, they need to remain dedicated, year after year, in order to ensure that the employees and the franchise itself are continuing to succeed.


A franchisee who is reliable is the only kind of franchisee worth having. They are someone who the franchise knows it can count on, get in touch with, and trust with representing their brand in whichever city. They are also reliable to their employees and customers!

Solid Leadership Skills

Regardless of the size of the franchise, a franchisee will have to lead the team, big or small, in order to achieve success.

Good Judgment

A good franchisee knows the limits, how to make choices and decisions that affect their franchise, but ultimately the entire company there work for. This means knowing how to make tough calls in a wide array of situations dealing from the little things to those that are even larger.

Willing to Learn

When buying a franchise, yes, the franchisee is expected to do some research, but they should never assume to know it all. Good franchisees do their homework, but are also always in the pursuit of learning more and more in order to become more successful. There must be a willingness and openness to continue to learn.


Janitorial softwares for optimal cleaning servicesNot everything that needs to be done or that can be done is written in stone. A franchisees who take it upon themselves to do more, learn more, and therefore create more paths for success are often the ones who will succeed. Because they are technically their own bosses, they need to continually motivate themselves to do better, without the reminder from others.

Strong Communicator

Owning a franchise means talking to all sorts of people, from executives to lawyers, from janitorial staff to employees and customers alike. The range of people with whom a franchisee will have to engage with is always increasing, and therefore franchisees need to have strong communication skills. In order for their vision of success and the vision of the company to be maintained, franchisees need to know to communicate with everyone.

Owning a franchise can be a great opportunity to own your own business and achieve great success. Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful franchisee?

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