Office Cleaning That you CAN’T do in the Office

Making sure the office cleaning provides a healthy work environment is a high priority for employers and employees alike. While there are small things everyone can do around the office on a daily basis, there are just some jobs that require a helping hand for a professional cleaning service. While you may think you can do these jobs on your own, you really need to take a step back and let the professionals clean out these areas:

  • Windows: You’re looking out of them everyday, and trust us when we say they tend to harbor quite a bit of dirt and grime. Window washing and window cleaning doesn’t have to be a daily affair, but it should be done regularly, and by professionals, from both the inside and outside.
  • Carpet Cleaning:  Yes, vacuuming regularly to get the surface dirt out of the carpet is great, but without a proper carpet cleaning you’re only cleaning up the surface. Months worth of dirt and germs are absorbed into the carpet fibers and the only way to get them out is through a deep cleaning using the right encapsulation or extraction machinery, both of which a professional carpet cleaning company happen to have.
  • Floor Maintenance:  Regardless of what kind of floors you have in the office, whether it be hardwood, linoleum, or tile, it is vital that they receive the proper cleaning treatments regularly. Mopping up the days’ dirt is important, but making sure that these floors are receiving the proper treatments is vital in helping to maintain them year after year. Hardwood floor cleaning, for example, requires professional products created specifically for hardwood floors to keep them looking good, keeping their shine, but also making sure they remain stable.
  • Air Duct Cleaning:  Air is circulated into the office through the various ducts and vents placed around the office. All the bad stuff: the germs, the dust, the grime in the air, are trapped inside the ducts and affect the air you breathe. It’s no wonder that the air ducts need cleaning, regularly, and by people who know what their doing. While a little sweep might seem like all that is needed, what you really need is a professional air duct cleaning to get inside the ducts to clean the air you breathe and to make sure that everything is working at full capacity.
  • Disinfection Cleaning:  Disinfection should be happening at the end of every workday by your janitorial staff and frankly throughout the day too. Using the right products, common areas and shared items throughout the office should be getting the good 1-2 clean down by your janitorial staff. Bathrooms, kitchens, and common rooms are big havens for germs, so these are areas that should be getting disinfected most often.
  • Deep Cleaning: Though disinfection cleaning is happening daily, spending a little extra at the beginning of each season to get the entire office deep cleaned is really important. Germs manifest everywhere, and especially when the weather changes, everyone is more susceptible to getting sick! Hire a cleaning company to come in and deep clean every corner of the office. With their machines, tools, and products, they will be able to get the office sparkling and fresh for the new season.

It’s always nice to know that you can do some things to keep your work environment clean and fresh on a daily basis. However, it is crucial to remember that there are just some jobs that require a professional. You shouldn’t hesitate to add the above cleaning regimes into the workplace schedule. Make all of these appointments in advance, and continue working in a healthy environment!

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