The best flu defenses for your office

As we creep closer and closer to the end of the year, we also creep closer to flu season. Flu season can have serious consequences on your company’s work flow and staff morale. It’s therefore important to consider these ways to defend yourself and your employees against the flu.  


While this might seem obvious, during flu season, this cannot be emphasized enough. Make sure employees are keeping up regular hand hygiene in order to avoid the spread of germs 

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize

Ensure that employees have access to disinfectant wipes and sprays so that they can sanitize their own spaces as well as common areas.  

Deep cleaning of communal areas as well as personal areas

Break rooms, kitchens, and waiting areas are areas known to harbour the most germs in the office. Doorknobs, handles, microwaves, tables and shared utensils and dishware are the biggest culprits for germs. Disinfecting and sanitizing these areas regularly can help curb the spread of germs. Same thing for personal spaces such as desks or offices.  

Throw it away

Ensure that your maintenance team is emptying all the trash cans every day. Today’s germs should not be around in tomorrow’s garbage can. 

Feeling sick? Stay home

Bosses should encourage employees to use their allotted sick days, especially at flu season when employees present with flu symptoms. Contagious infections and illnesses spread like wildfire when people who are contagious come into work when they really should not.  

Practice proper etiquette

If you sneeze or cough, don’t do so into the palms of your hands. Cover your mouth or nose with a tissue, and then be sure to wash your hands.  

Encourage the team to get a seasonal flu shot

Flu shots are available all over the city during flu season at local drug stores and clinics.  


Flu season is inevitable, so help keep your team healthy by keeping this advice in mind. 

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