How a Clean Gym Impacts Memberships

Being in the realm of customer service, it is essential that at every step you, as a business owner, are making a good impression. These impressions happen as soon as the customer walks up to your doors and add on, bit by bit, while using your facilities. Gyms are places where people are going to better their well being, and large part of well being is hygiene and health. People do not want to go into gyms that seem run down, not taken care of, or unhygienic. Not paying close attention to these factors can not only disappoint members but deter new memberships!  


With the health and wellness market being as popular as it is today, people have a plethora of options when it comes to committing to a membership. Because of this, there is a lot more scrutiny going on when making that membership selection. Not having clean and well-equipped locker rooms is a big factor when it comes to retention. Considering the fact that the locker room is the area in the gym where people are changing, showering, and getting dressed, if that space is not constantly maintained and cleaned throughout opening hours, it leaves quite a negative impression on members. Showers and toilets need to be cleaned throughout the day, with all the essentials – shampoo, soap, fresh towels- being restocked throughout the day too. After the gym closes for the day, the locker rooms need to get priority attention from the janitorial staff. Showers scrubbed down, benches sanitized and floors devoid of dust and dirt from the day. When members come in the next day, this area should look good as new and ready to service a whole new days’ worth of guests.  

While ensuring that the facilities are glimmering is very crucial, also making sure that all the equipment is well maintained and cleaned regularly throughout the day is also very important when it comes to customer satisfaction. The reality is that the gym is a sweaty place and therefore there is a high need for shared equipment to get sanitized properly. Having an on-site janitorial team that can go around and tidy up is not only an important for hygiene, but also reflects highly on you. For customers to be able to see the staff going around and cleaning throughout their workout shows them that you care about them and their health. 

Lastly, since impressions can happen even before someone walks through the door, it is important that the exterior of your gym is well taken care of and cleaned regularly. Ensuring that windows are cleaned regularly, front walks swept and reception areas are kept void of clutter shows members that you take pride in your business. A cluttered or disorganized reception area can send the wrong message to anyone who is walking through the door – be it returning members or potential new ones. Have your janitorial team do a proper cleaning of the floors, desk area, and seating areas every day to help maintain these areas and making them look their best. 


Beating out the competition and keeping your members satisfied is all in the way that you care for them. Proper cleanliness and hygiene of every part of your facility really does go a long way.  

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