A Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist for Montreal Small Business Owners

After a long winter, business owners can breathe new life into their storefronts, offices, or commercial spaces with a deep spring-clean

While regular cleaning and sanitation should be part of your regular routine already, spring cleaning is different. Spring cleaning is a once-a-year chance to both clean areas that get neglected throughout the year and reorganize in preparation for the spring and summer seasons. 

After a long winter with the windows closed, even the largest, most spacious offices will be feeling a little stale, and perhaps a little disorganized. 

But if you’re not a professional cleaning company, you might be wondering just how to go about such a thoroughly cleansing exercise. That’s where a checklist can help. 

Why Should I Use a Spring Cleaning Checklist? 

Just like you make a daily list of tasks or use a grocery bill to not forget anything, a spring cleaning checklist gets everything you should do down in one place. That way you will be as thorough as you need to be. And you can make your checklist as detailed as you’d like. In fact, a spring cleaning checklist can help you address issues of organization, clutter, or general space management. 

At MOM Cleaning, we use a checklist just like this one to clean commercial spaces across Montreal and Laval. 

A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Small Business Owners 

For starters, your checklist needs to include every room you want to focus on. We’ve broken our list down into the most common rooms you’re likely to focus on – the kitchen, bathroom, and office room – but be sure not to forget about hallways and side rooms if you have any. 

Spring Cleaning Bathroom Checklist 

Bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized as part of your regular janitorial service, but spring cleaning gives you or your janitorial service provider a chance to take it one step further: 

Bathroom cabinets / storage spaces 

  • Empty cabinets and/or storage spaces 
  • Clean 
  • Re-organize, keeping only what you need 

Toilets and Sink 

  • Dust, clean, and sanitize 
  • Clean garbage bin 
  • Re-stock sopas and / or paper towels 
  • Dust, clean, and sanitize the mirror 

Walls / Windows / Floors 

  • Spray and wipe 

Spring Cleaning Kitchen Checklist 

Depending on the type of small business you run, you may have a kitchen to clean. (Note that if you are a restaurant owner or operator this list will not be sufficient.) 


  • Empty all contents 
  • Clean and sanitize 
  • Restock with essentials 

Appliances (microwave, teapots, food processors, etc) 

  • Spray and wipe thoroughly 
  • Stoves and microwaves need to be washed, scrubbed, and wiped clean inside and out! 

Tables and chairs 

  • Dust, spray and wipe 

Storage spaces 

  • Remove all foodstuffs 
  • Re-organize, keeping only what you need 
  • Scrub clean the empty spaces 

Floors and windows 

  • Thoroughly mop the floor 
  • Wash windows 

Spring Cleaning Office Room Checklist 

Carpets / rugs 

  • Thoroughly dust, clean and vacuum 

Closets / Storage areas 

  • Empty and clean thoroughly 
  • Put back only what is necessary (hangers, etc) 
  • Ask employees to take anything that is theres from shared closets and storage spaces 

Employee spaces 

  • In the spirit of spring cleaning, ask employees to empty out their desk area of non-essential items 

Make a Clean Start to Spring 

March and April is a period of re-growth in nature and in your business. With this spring cleaning checklist you can see just how much needs to be done in preparation for the spring. Cleaning, sanitation, and organization across the whole office will breathe new life into your office and keep it safe and comfortable going into the spring. 

For any and all your commercial cleaning needs, don’t hesitate to give MOM a call. We’ll be glad to help. Until then, happy cleaning!

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