Does Remote Work Influence People to Leave Montreal?

The rise of remote work has allowed Montrealers to leave the city in search of space and affordable housing. As a result, the future of work is changing rapidly – but that does not mean office work is a thing of the past.

For human resources teams, the challenge now is to put together a flexible plan that accommodates remote workers and those who prefer to return to the office – both today and over the long term.

Why are people leaving the city?

People have been leaving Montreal in record numbers since work life went remote during the pandemic. Consider that:

  • An all‑time high 24,880 people left the city of Montreal from July 2019 to July 2020 (source: Statistics Canada report.
  • Since 2020, Montreal has seen an exit ratio of – 21% (source: Techtalent).

The opportunity to work remotely – and save precious hours of daily commute – is an immediate cause for so many people leaving Montreal, but it’s not the only one.

The Urban‑Suburban Trend

People are leaving Montreal in search of space and affordable housing, both of which are available in suburban areas.

The real estate values in Brossard and the South-West have been going up for years. The pandemic, and remote work, has only increased this trend.

First‑Time Buyers

Given the chance to work from home, many young professionals are investing in property where they can afford it, and where they have space.

How Companies in Montreal are Adapting to Remote Work

The response from companies in Montreal to the trend of remote work has been varied. Now that a safe return to work is underway, some companies are asking full-time employees to make their primary work location the office again. Others are choosing to downsize their commercial rents and go with coworking spaces instead.

Here are some examples of what companies are doing to accommodate a remote work policy:

Remote Work Options

The insurance firm Sun Life Financial is letting employees choose how many days a week they would like to spend at the office. Only the most essential IT and technology workers need to be full-time at the office. This type of hybrid model is quite common.

A Gradual Return to 50‑50

Hydro Quebec is asking employees in the downtown office to spend at least one day per week in the office. Employees will gradually be asked to spend half their workdays in the office, in large part because of the office culture and productivity benefits that come from gathering in the same space.

Re‑Imagining Office Spaces

A report by McKinsey into the future of office spaces highlights the many ways in which companies can re-image their offices as spaces of collaboration. Some suggestions include always-on video conferencing, replacing cubicles with in-person collaboration spaces, and using virtual whiteboards for meetings that are attended by a mix of in-person and remote employees. Learn more about how to work in an office environment in Montreal.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Company in Montreal

Remote jobs might be what a majority of employees prefer today, but that does not mean office work is a thing of the past. For Montreal businesses, partnering with a professional office cleaning services in Montreal underscores their commitment to employee safety and well-being in the office. It also gives remote teams an option when they get tired of video calls and communication slowdowns and want to return to the office.

Working with a professional cleaning company brings the following benefits:

A Pandemic‑Safe Work Environment

After multiple lockdowns and a global economic shutdown thanks to Covid-19, companies in Montreal and the world over need to go the extra mile to show their employees that commercial cleaning – from janitorial services to carpet cleaning – is a top priority.

A Gradual Return to Office Work

These days, people work where they feel most comfortable and safe. Many people are extra cautious about exposure to viruses of any kind. It’s still a big reason why employees work from home. The best response to this uncertainty is to deliver, every day, an exceptionally clean and fully disinfected office environment, per government guidelines. This is the first step to gradually bring employees back to the office.

Peace of Mind for Employees

At Mom Cleaning, we know that nothing is more important than the mental health and physical safety of your employees. Our cleaning services – including office disinfection services that eliminate 99.9% of viruses and are certified by Health Canada – are guaranteed to create the kind of virus-free environment employees are seeking. Contact us today!

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