How to deep clean and refinish a floor

To preserve the esthetic and shine of the flooring or refinish a damaged floor, resurfacing treatments will likely be part of intermittent deep cleans for most flooring products.

Every flooring type requires different equipment, strategy and cleaning solutions from the following;

Floor wax

Wax coatings serve as a protective layer against abrasions and permanent damage. It is the screen protector of flooring. It can also serve to level out abnormalities in flooring textures (like with wood floors), creating a smooth, flat (and shiny!) surface. Wax floor repels erosion from liquids and acts as a stain barrier.

It is used on the majority of flooring types : remove wax from the floor and reapply as needed. How often it is needed depends on the traffic intensity, the wear, and the type of floor.

Once the wax is applied, the floor is then buffed and polished anew.

Floor buffing

Floor buffing is the use of a loose abrasive on a wheel with compound applied, in order to exfoliate the top layer of a floor. It is also known as residual cleaning and seeks to sand off the top layer of affected flooring to reveal a shiny fresh later beneath.

The buffer wheel spins very quickly to remove any lines or texture and leave only shine and polish behind. It is sometimes used in between stripping and wax applications or as a finishing process.


Similar to buffing, a floor burnishing machine uses friction to rub the surface of the floor shiny. It is a floor polishing process and seeks to achieve optimal shine. It may follow a buffing session in order to reach that wet/mirror like shine effect.

This high speed polisher may be used on a frequent or infrequent basis, depending on the demand. It is sometimes used in between stripping and floor wax applications or as a finishing process. For all intents and purposes, it is synonymous with polishing.

Scrub & floor wax

Sometimes during repeated waxing sessions, bits of dirt and dust can get trapped in the layers of wax, along with surface wear, and cause the floors to look lackluster. When the flooring stops responding to regular buffering and polishes, it may be time for a deep flooring scrub.

Scrubbing works to remove the top layers of waxy dirt, lifting them from the surface. The flooring is then rinsed well and dried out. They are then recoated with wax and polished.

This deep cleaning brings the floor back to its natural beauty in all its shiny glory, and buys time between deep strippings.


Tiling Tends to collect residue and dirt in its grouting, as well as on its surfaces. This can make it look tacky and filmy. Occasionally having professionals scrub the grouting and surface will renew its shine and tidy sectioning.

Strip & Wax

Stripping the floors is the most aggressive treatment and should be reserved for when the flooring is beyond the other lighter treatments. It is likely necessary only once or twice a year.

When enough build up gets trapped in the waxy coatings and the surface layers aren’t getting cleaner with mops or scrubs, it may be time for more drastic measures and a very deep flooring clean, with much more dramatic results.

The treatment essentially removes absolutely all build up of both grime and applied products like wax polishes to get to the bare following underneath. The floors are then sealed, waxed, and polished once again, completely anew.

To learn more, read our article : How to strip and wax floors and the benefits of floor waxing

Warehouse Floor Special Treatment

MOM is a commercial cleaning company that creates cutting-edge cleaning strategies like this 3-step warehouse floor cleaning system:

Power Wash

This step uses powerful water pressure to force stubborn stains or dirt up from the floor membrane. It eliminates all buildup of dust or residue to renew the original state of the floor.

Power Sweep

This option is a dry method for removing large amounts of first and dirt collected. This turbo sweeping method ensures a thorough clean.

Auto Scrub

Last but not least, presenting: The Big Guns. When the sweep and spray just won’t do it, there’s the auto scrub machine. This method combines power sweeping, spraying, and squeegeeing to remove all stains, dirty, dust, residue, and build up.

The condition of commercial flooring directly affects a business’ reputation, and the safety of staff and customers alike. Having tidy and shiny flooring shows attention to detail and care. Customers see this and appreciate it.

Keeping up with daily floor maintenance amongst staff is important to prevent the types of damage that lead to more costly treatments more often. Tasks like sweeping and light mops should be performed very frequently in between professional business to preserve the integrity and shine of the floors.

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