Office manager: Office cleaning experts are by your side

The office manager is at the heart of a company’s decisions. This assistant to management acts as the interface and intermediary between the various departments of an office.

They have multiple missions:

  • Raise staff requests to the highest level
  • Manage the difficulties encountered on a daily basis
  • Improve working conditions
  • Ensure irreproachable hygiene of the premises to protect employees and visitors.

The Office Manager juggles different demands and tries to find compromises within the company. They have all the cards in their hands to make the best decisions while respecting the budget and the manager’s choices.

Compliance with hygiene rules in the workplace is a mission of great importance. Therefore, it is advisable to use the services of a commercial cleaning company in Montreal which is recognized for its professionalism and expertise in office disinfection and prevention.

Managing health risks: a priority in business

Keeping the premises and offices clean and disinfected is essential for the image of the company as much with the employees as for the customers and the visitors. Compliance with hygiene standards is a fundamental element in eliminating bacteria and viruses, especially in this current anxiety-provoking climate linked to the coronavirus. Choosing an office cleaning company known in Montreal for its reliability and skills is therefore important.

The Office Manager is the privileged interlocutor of commercial cleaning companies in Montreal. They must ensure the comfort and safety of the employees. The cleaning and disinfection of offices, the entrance hall, meeting rooms require high standards, especially in the current Covid-19 period.

Sanitation and cleaning services should not be taken lightly. Indeed, contamination in an office can spread very quickly. Contagion with Covid-19 or other illnesses such as influenza or gastroenteritis can be catastrophic for a company: if employees get ill this can jeopardize activity and turnover.

How to protect your premises from viruses?

MOM employee disinfecting a classroom at a school using our cleaning servicesWith the Coronavirus, the role of the Office Manager has developed around the bacterial and viral protection of employees and visitors (customers, suppliers who visit companies). They are responsible for maintaining optimal hygiene of premises, offices and public spaces to ensure maximum asepsis.The objective of the Office Manager: to improve the working conditions of employees in order to increase production in a safe and hygienic environment.

Why choose MOM office cleaning expertise?

Our commercial office cleaning company has the experience and qualifications to meet the demanding standards of office cleaning.

We offer cleaning services in the Greater Montreal Area for daily cleaning or for special events cleaning such as seminars, meetings, company parties … We strictly follow the procedures of hygiene recommended by CNESST with professional, efficient and discreet cleaning men and women

Our address book of customers satisfied with our services is our best calling card

We provide cleaning services in Laval and around Montreal in all companies but also in environments sensitive to germs and viruses such as hospitals, homes for the elderly, laboratories, spaces open to the public …

Our professional cleaning services:

  • Montreal cleaning company
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Professional cleaning
  • Laval cleaning company
  • Commercial cleaning Brossard
  • Office cleaning Montreal
  • Cleaning Company Montreal
  • Cleaning services Montreal and West Island
  • Floor and carpet cleaning in Montreal
  • Window washing inside and outside in Greater Montreal
  • Cleaning after construction of a building or after renovation
  • Cleaning of air ducts to avoid health problems related to contaminated air
  • High pressure washing of building facades, sidewalks, garages, parking lots, etc.
  • Disinfection and prevention by creating an effective anti-bacterial barrier
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Storage and delivery of office supplies: light bulb, paper, soap …

We high standards for an optimal hygiene service! Contact our cleaning service in Montreal for a free personalized estimate.

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