Office Disinfection Pricing

Because companies offering commercial cleaning and disinfecting services specialize in various property types—retail stores, offices, restaurants, schools, medical facilities, churches, and more—their rates can vary considerably.

Additionally, as the global pandemic continues, there has been more focus by business owners on their approach to keeping their business premises clean and sanitized. Here, we bear in mind that some clients hire professionals for a once-off service. In contrast, others use disinfecting services regularly (the latter reducing prices or making them negotiable).

Disinfection Cost Guide

Here’s a look at some factors that affect commercial cleaning prices and a guide to what current disinfection services cost.

Factors That Affect Commercial Disinfecting Prices

It’s clear that there’s a special need for disinfecting standards in the food industry. This is because of the likelihood for the spread of disease and illness through food, and the fact that consumers need assurance that the food they buy is safe. Cleaning and sanitizing costs can also be kept down with safely maintained food premises.

Besides the food industry mentioned above, cleanliness all over the commercial spectrum has become of paramount importance. Employers have suddenly found themselves with a massive responsibility for providing clean and safe work spaces for their employees, and hygienic public areas for their clients. The following are essential factors to consider:

Office Size

The primary factor that decides cost, whether it be commercial disinfecting services in Toronto or office cleaning in Montreal, is the size of the place to be worked. Some companies charge per square foot, while others choose an hourly rate.

Disinfecting Time Required

Some offices or spaces have areas housing necessary items such as filing cabinets and shelving. Cleaning may have to take place during or after work hours. These are just two examples of what will determine the time needed to clean or disinfect.

Additional Disinfecting Requirements

There might be things like bathrooms and windows that require specialized cleaning and disinfecting as well. Bathrooms, also high-traffic areas, have toilets that must be scrubbed and sanitized, toilet rolls that need replacing, and paper towel dispensers that need refilling.

Window cleaning is also time-consuming and requires skilled cleaners and equipment. These additional items cannot be overlooked and tend to be more expensive.

What Requires Disinfecting

Another factor determining the cost of commercial disinfecting is the type of flooring you have, whether carpeted, tiled or both. Carpeted floors will need vacuuming at least, while wooden floors may need stripping and waxing. The costs of cleaning these will, of course, vary.

Office Location

Office location can have two different aspects; however, both can affect cleaning and disinfecting costs:

  • Should your office be located in an upmarket area, you would reasonably expect commercial cleaning/disinfecting or window cleaning services to be higher.
  • Canada is a vast country. One should typically expect that a reputable commercial cleaning or disinfecting company will charge more when called out to more remote locations.

Frequency of Services

The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting services and disinfecting services—whether overnight, daily, weekly, or monthly— can affect the cost, so be sure to check this with the consultant that you’re dealing with before entering a contract.

Average Cost of Disinfection

Now that we’ve looked at most of the factors that will affect the cost of commercial cleaning and disinfection, we can discuss the average prices with a bit more clarity.

First, we will look at average prices nationally, then per square foot, then per hour; however, remember that all is still negotiable.

Commercial Disinfecting Prices

Average cost nationally $200
Normal cost scope $135–$300
Low-end cost scope $80–$100
High-end cost scope $450–$880

Commercial Disinfecting Rates Per Square Foot

Professional cleaning services will do small storefronts or offices under 1,000 square feet and large warehouse spaces or more prominent offices up to 10,000 square feet. The larger the area, the greater the cost because of more time, cleaning supplies and a larger cleaning crew.

Commercial Disinfecting Rates Chart

Total square feet Average cost

Number of square feet Average price
0–1,000 sq. ft. $120
1,000–2,000 sq. ft. $200
2,000–3,000 sq. ft. $290
3,000–4,000 sq. ft. $370
4,000–5,000 sq. ft. $460
5,000–6,000 sq. ft. $540
6,000–7,000 sq. ft. $630
7,000–8,000 sq. ft. $700
8,000–9,000 sq. ft. $800
9,000–10,000 sq. ft. $880

Commercial Disinfecting Hourly Rates

Commercial cleaners/disinfectors charge $25 to $90 per hour, with the average hourly rate being $39.

Average cost nationally $39/hour
Normal cost scope $30–$50/hour
Low-end cost scope $25–$28/hour
High-end cost scope $75–$90/hour

Other cost considerations

As touched on earlier, an office building’s bathrooms, staff rooms, kitchens, and windows typically take longer to disinfect and clean than open areas such as hallways, waiting rooms, or offices.

Here is a table of the cost of three different commercial spaces (hypothetically) at $35 per hour.

Commercial space Square footage Cost What's included
Doctor’s rooms 1,000 $105 (3 hours) Three bathrooms, eight doctors rooms, a waiting room with a receptionist desk, hallway and clean front windows (sweep, vacuum, and mop all areas)
Business premises 10,000 (2 floors) $210 (6 hours) Four bathrooms, two kitchens and dining areas, a reception area, ten offices, ten windows, a staircase and a seating area (sweep, vacuum, and mop all)
Large commercial business area 20,000 $420 (12 hours) Four offices, the main office, four bathrooms, a lunchroom, client service area, showroom, main entrance and front windows (all floors to be cleaned)

Instead of hourly rates, some commercial cleaning and disinfecting companies may charge a flat rate. Generally, they will arrive at a rate after a site visit and walkthrough.

Disinfection Services

We mentioned the current global pandemic at the beginning of this article. While that will end with the advent of new vaccines, herd immunity, and so on, the world won’t return to the old normal, and many people will have a different outlook. Nevertheless, the need for cleanliness and disinfection of commercial spaces will always exist.

How much does MOM Disinfection Cost?

Office disinfection & sanitization services by MOM costs start at
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¢/square foot
for large surfaces. Sanitization services are also available on an hourly rate of 45$/hour for smaller offices and 35$/hour starting at 5000 square foot. A minimum charge of $
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 per visit, including $ 35  transportation, applies. This transportation fee is not applicable when the disinfection is included in a monthly cleaning contract and performed during a scheduled visit.

Our commercial disinfecting services are flexible and can be tailored to your type of business. Whether its large offices, residential or commercial buildings, we have the equipment, team and experience to help your business get ride of most viruses, including COVID-19.

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