Fall to winter – Should you modify the way you clean according to the season?

Just as we change up our daily routines as the seasons change, we have to think about changing our maintenance routines as fall turns into winter as well. The tips and tricks we use to keep our spaces clean and sparkling during the summer and fall are not the same as the ones we use during the winter months. With the new season comes new weather, and with new weather comes new conditions that can leave our homes and businesses looking worn out.  

Carpet and floor cleaning

During wetter seasons, it is essential to change up your floor care routine. Wet weather can really damage flooring if it is not taken care of properly. Having your floors sealed professionally at the beginning of the season can really help them stay looking good throughout the season. Furthermore, during these months it is imperative that floors and carpets get properly and thoroughly cleaned daily. Wet stains and eventually salt stains can really destroy your floors. 

Window cleaning and sealing

Before the cold weather hits, it’s important to do a proper inspection of your windows and doors. While getting them cleaned, also have them all checked for proper sealing and caulking. Furthermore, ensure that all of the doors are properly weather-stripped. Window sealing and weather stripping are hugely important in saving you money on your heating bills because they insulate your space. 

Furnace maintenance

This a big one that often can get neglected. Not maintaining your furnace can actually be quite hazardous. Schedule a professional furnace inspection at the start of the season to ensure that everything is working properly as well as to get the filter changed. Especially at the start of the colder weather, it is very important to get your filter changed as these filters accumulate a load of dust and grime. A clean filter can help you save on energy, as well as keep your space comfortable.  

General cleaning

When the season changes, certain areas can become more high-traffic for dirt and grime. Entranceways are certainly areas that will need more attention during the fall and winter months because of wetter and messier weather outside. Updating your cleaning routine to include a more intensive entranceway cleaning will help increase the longevity of things like benches and carpets. Furthermore, the need to pay attention to this high-traffic area is not only for cleanliness reasons but also because your entranceway is your first impression area for people entering your business. A poorly maintained entranceway can be quite a turn off to the people coming into your space.  


To avoid having a worn-out looking space and continue making the right impressions every time, speak with your janitorial team about how you can work together to get your changing of the seasons maintenance up to snuff.  

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