How to make the Franchise you bought Your Business

You’ve taken the leap and bought a franchise of a successful business. You’re excited to get started at making sure that your franchise rises to the top. But how do you embrace this new franchise and make it your business? Follow these 8 tips and you’ll love it like your own.

Be enthusiastic

you’ve just bought a business, be happy! The best way to make a business your own is to be genuinely happy to be there. Enthusiasm is infectious too; people love supporting happy people.

Hire people who share your values

When you think about the people you work with, you often refer to them as your second family or work family. That’s because of the time you spend with them and hopefully because you share the same values. Making your franchise feel like your second home will be a lot easier if you find employees with whom you share things in common.

Learn and then teach teach teach!

The more you know about the business you’re running, the more it will feel like your own! Learning as much as possible will allow you to feel more confident in your business and will also allow you to impart knowledge on your employees and even customers. This learning and teaching cycle truly connects you with the brand and therefore making it your business.

Build complicity with employees – Being accessible and approachable is an important part of being a business owner. The more approachable you are, the more involved you are with the employees and their ideas. This connection truly adds more value to your day to day at work and can definitely make you feel a deeper connection to the business.

Stick to your plan  but be flexible

When you own your own business it’s extremely important to have a clear vision and a clear plan. However, flexibility and the ability to make change is essential to success as well. Furthermore, when you are truly vested in your business, these moments of flexibility can become more intuitive as well.

Focus on customer service and provide the BEST

Focusing on providing the best customer service is truly what being in business is all about. The positive reactions from customers can also help lift your spirits and validate that you are in fact doing a good job. At running YOUR business.


One happy client of our complete janitorial servicesGetting out there, promoting your franchise is a great way to meet new people and also a great way to feel pride in the business you chose to buy.

Get involved in the community

Community involvement is really important for all businesses. Furthermore, it’s great to get out there with the community and contribute in whatever way you can. It allows your business to be part of something larger. And that always feels great!

While you are buying a franchise, you should never second-guess the fact that it is indeed your business too.  If you’re waiting for a sign that now is the time to buy one, what are you waiting for? The time to become a business owner is now!

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