Spring Cleaning Tips

If the calendar is to be believed, we have finally sprung into the spring season. While winter is slowly lifting its grey veil, it happens to be leaving a great mess behind. The idea of spring cleaning has always been a “thing”, but there are ways to optimize your spring cleaning routine. Here are our 9 top spring cleaning tips and tricks to follow to get your space ready for the new season.  

Make a schedule

While this may seem silly, once the cleaning starts, it may seem daunting. By creating a schedule before you sink your teeth into the big clean, getting your space grime and dirt free will seem a lot more manageable. Whether it’s your home or work space, do a walkthrough and pinpoint spots that need a lot of attention, which items need a one-time clean and which need to be routinely cleaned. Factor these concerns into your schedule.

Clean top-down

Whenever you clean a space, always start from the top and work your way down. Dust and vacuum hard to reach shelves, light fixtures, ceiling moldings and continue to clean all the way down to floor. Why go top down? If dust and debris fall from the ceiling, then it will be falling onto surfaces that haven’t been cleaned yet instead of if you’re working bottom up and falling on just cleaned surfaces!  

Declutter everywhere

Once you’re going through the motions of cleaning your space, you may as well take stock of what you’ve got. When moving things out of the way to clean, ask yourself if anything can be thrown out, recycled or given away. Clutter is known to act as a psychological stressor, so by decluttering as you clean, you’re actually combatting stress!

Don’t forget the windows, walls, and moldings!

Often forgotten, these areas definitely need a good cleaning, too. Dust settles on walls and in the crevices of moldings as well. Giving these areas a good wipe down with a damp rag will remove the dust and debris that you didn’t even realize was there. Windows also often get ignored, and certainly benefit from a good cleaning. Hiring professional spring cleaning services to clean them inside and out will help you see spring even better.

Get the carpets and floors professionally cleaned.

Hire professionals to come in and give your floors polished or your carpets properly cleaned. Professional companies have the industrial equipment to really pick up the dust and grime that has started to nest deep into the fibers. Hiring the professionals will really make a huge difference and be very worth your while.

Use green methods and products.

As you enter the green season, try using green and eco-friendly products and methods for cleaning your space. There are loads of new products on the market as well as homemade products that you can use to get your home or office in tip-top chemical-free shape. Going chemical-free is another great way to help protect those who are allergy-sufferers as well!

Clean your vents!

Winter weather and heating systems take a serious toll on your air filters, trapping dust and particles that circulate in the air. In order to keep the air in your space clean, replace these filters as winter comes to an end. By doing this small thing, you are instantly improving the quality of air you breathe, making your space that much healthier!

Tackle the kitchen area.

Whether it’s a spring clean of your home or your workspace, the ever-beloved kitchen can use a little spring cleaning Instead of just doing the everyday surface clean, get deep cleaning. Empty cabinets, pull out the shelves and drawers of the fridge, empty the cabinet drawers and throw away anything that has expired or seems overused or ruined.  Don’t forget to clean out the oven, toaster and microwave, as well as any other appliances as well!

Get everyone involved.

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be a one person show. By getting everyone on board with your spring cleaning schedule, your whole space will be glistening and decluttered, thus helping everyone stay positive and motivated to move forward into the new season.  

Don’t get intimidated this spring! Get clean!  

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