Carpet Cleaning

Smart clean saves money

Using state-of-the-art equipment and premium products, our carpet-cleaning technicians treat your space as if it were our own, protecting furniture and walls as we clean.  Every MOM technician is highly trained in how to clean — and how to clean up once the job is done. Ultimately, a smart cleaning program keeps your carpets looking good in the short term, and pays dividends by saving dollars in the long run.

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a graphic of a carpet and a cleaning vacuum to demonstrate MOM's ability to clean carpets

No carpet we can’t handle

MOM offers a full range of commercial carpet-cleaning services to keep your carpets looking new. We use the advanced and environmentally friendly low-moisture encapsulation technology for carpet restoration, and hot water extraction cleaning for routine maintenance. MOM solutions target the total carpet fibres, breaking down soil and bacteria so they can be safely removed.

True professionals

The marketplace is saturated with so-called carpet-cleaning professionals. But do they have the experience and equipment to clean your carpets properly for today and still preserve the fibres for years of continued service? And do they use “green,” pet-friendly products without “off gassing”? Allow us to explain how MOM will clean your carpets today and preserve them for the future.

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MOM Cleaning Services

Looking for the best commercial janitorial services? We have the resources, scope and experience to clean and maintain

your workplace to levels that promote hygiene, pride and productivity and that protect your brand and image.

Janitorial Services

MOM commercial cleaners deliver facility care beyond compare.

Floor Maintenance

Refinishing and restoring floors is critical to your facility’s overall appearance.

Carpet Cleaning

Professional cleaning will enhance your carpets’ appearance and extend their life.

Window Cleaning

From street fronts to high-rises, sparkling windows make an instant impression.

Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning can be dirty, prolonged and disruptive if not done right.

Air Duct Cleaning

MOM’s air duct cleaning solutions address the health concerns of indoor air quality.

Pressure Washing

Building facades, sidewalks, parking lots and garages deserve the same MOM clean.

Light Bulb Replacement

We’ll maintain your facility so that it is always properly and attractively lit.

Janitorial Supplies

We catalogue, stock and deliver everything from light bulbs to paper products.

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Email us for a free estimate, and a MOM representative will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a consultation.