Surprising Household Items You Can Use for Cleaning

Did you know that many products you’ve already got in your pantry and fridge can also be used for other purposes, like cleaning? So we’re saying it’s time to switch up some of your cleaning routines, put the usual products on the bench and try some of these household items instead.

Olive Oil

Get your wood furniture sparkling bright by returning the moisture into those pieces with olive oil. Dab some olive oil on a soft cloth and rub the oil into the wood gently, letting the wood to soak up the moisture. Continue dabbing until the entire piece is glistening.


Get rid of pesky water ring marks from your wood pieces by covering them in mayo (the full-fat variety). Let the mayo sit overnight on the water rings, and wipe off in the morning. The rings should disappear and your table will look just like new.


employee performing a professional floor cleaningDid you know that vodka, while it is exactly what you need for a martini, it can also be used as a powerful cleanser? Use cheaper vodka to clean and freshen clothing by killing odor causing bacteria. Spray some vodka on your clothing; leave them out to air out and good as new! You can also use vodka to help break down lime scale and to polish chrome and porcelain.


Everyone’s morning pick me up has some other great uses. Use the leftover grinds as deodorizers in both your trash and even your fridge. You can also use the grinds as a stain remover.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is all the rage in natural households as the king of cleaner. Mix it with water and use it as a s pray disinfectant in the bathroom, kitchen and floors. You can put some into the laundry machine and run a cycle to clean out all of the bacteria in there. The smell will fade, we promise.


The fizzy soft drink is also great for helping remove stains, cleaning tile grout in the bathroom, and removing rust from items around the house. Pouring it on or soaking items in the coke will get you some sparkling results.


Professional cleaning vs sanitizing vs disinfectingSalt is the king of the household cleaning product because it can be used for just about anything. It lifts stains from fabrics, keeps ants away, helps reduce odors in plastic containers, can clean and prevent grease build up in drains when mixed with vinegar, lengthen the life of bathroom sponges by soaking them in salt water and so many more uses. Always keep a lot of salt on hand to get most of the jobs done.

Though not every job can be tackled using household items, there is comfort in knowing that some jobs can be. Having these items around the house or even keeping some of them at the office will help make your janitorial duties a little bit easier.

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