Spring Cleaning, Why do we do it?

We’ve already switched the clocks and with the sun staying out later, we know that one thing is for certain: spring is coming. With the new season on the horizon, millions of North Americans get into that spring cleaning ritual both at home and at the office. We know that everyone does it, but why?

Culturally, spring cleaning isn’t just a North American tradition. While many Canadians and Americans take the changing of the clocks as a sign to dust out the attics and empty out the cupboards, they aren’t alone. The Chinese have many different rituals for spring cleaning as well.  They clean their homes from top to bottom not only to get the dust out, but also to get rid of any bad luck or misfortune they might have tracked in during the winter months.  In Iran, they also clean their homes top to bottom, leaving everything sparkling and clean, and even go as far as buying new clothes! They also bring fresh flowers into the home to welcome the new spring energy.

In religions such as Judaism and Christianity, spring is the month of birth and rebirth, a fresh start, where new life is blossoming everywhere. Both of the religions have their major holidays of Easter and Passover during the spring for that very reason.

If you find yourself still asking why you should get into the habit of spring cleaning, here are some of the major benefits:

  • It increases future productivity through organization
  • Decluttering is very important for stress relief
  • Helps remove allergens, making for a healthier environment
  • Clean spaces make for a more positive work environment

So let’s give in to tradition and make sure that YOUR office space is ready for the new season.

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