Owning a Franchise: From the Celebrities to You

Did you know that a variety of well-known celebrities have invested their hard earned money in some of our favorite franchises?  Well they have, and for good reasons! Franchises, especially successful ones can be a great career choice or a successful investment. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Brand strength and brand recognition: successful franchises are already known, loved, and trusted by consumers and future employees.
  • Successful business operations: successful franchises are successful because they KNOW how to do business and how to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Operational support: how do operations run smoothly? SUPPORT and support systems that are IN PLACE and AVAILABLE.
  • Training programs for all roles: getting new staff ready for the job can seem daunting, but with these kinds of franchises, the programs for every role have already been created. Everything new employees need to know and learn is already at your disposal.
  • Marketing teams and systems in place: not sure how to market the new spot? No worries. These businesses have tried and tested marketing strategies at your disposal.
  • Real estate, negotiation and construction assistance: even coming down to setting up shop, a successful franchise will already have the connections from real estate brokers to construction companies to help ensure that your franchise will fit in with the mold.
  • Lower risk: if a company already has a history of success, your franchise will be a part of that success.

The above reasons are what make purchasing franchises so attractive to many people, especially celebrities who have the extra income but perhaps not the time to invest in something brand new. For example, Venus Williams, arguably the most celebrated American tennis star owns
Four (4) Jamba Juices in the Washington DC area. Peyton Manning, beloved Broncos QB and two (2) time super bowl winner owns twenty one (21) Papa John’s franchises around Denver. Rapper and music producer Rick Ross owns various Wingstop franchises. NBA legend and four (4) time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal owns one hundred and fifty five (155) Five Guys franchises and seventeen (17) Auntie Anne’s and NFL great and current host of Good Morning America Michael Strahan, owns seventeen (17) Burger King franchises!

Because all the framework and assistance is already built in, franchises, like MOM franchises, might be exactly what you’re looking for. If you are interested about finding out more information about purchasing a MOM franchise, visit our website.

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