How do commercial cleaning companies protect your workplace from the Covid-19?

We understand that many of you have questions about the measures we take to ensure their safety, that of their employees, and that of our cleaning teams and we want to reassure you: we actively monitor communications from Health Canada and the CNESST to ensure that we operate at all times in accordance with the latest guidelines to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.

Stricter cleaning procedures

Throughout this crisis, we continued to operate as a vital business in accordance with directives issued by Health Canada for “the maintenance and operation of strategic infrastructure”. MOM cleaning teams are essential to the continuity of service for cleaning and sanitation of the frequent points of contact found in residential and institutional buildings, as well as in care centers on the island of Montreal throughout this crisis.

In the absence of a treatment for human, workspace disinfection and social distancing are the best tools to fight the spread of the disease. Staffs are aware of the necessity to constantly wash hands with soap or disinfectant (more than 50% of contamination is spread by hands) , which combined with the wearing of gloves, mask, glasses or visor considerably reduces the risks . Meanwhile, for the maintenance of your offices, condos or commercial buildings, we have chemicals & organic solutions to efficiently fight the virus.

Professional and safe cleaning

This is the first necessary step in any disinfection process. In fact, cleaning removes dirt, organic matter and visible soiling, all of which interfere with microbial inactivation. Disinfection takes place after this cleaning step and aims to reduce microorganisms to levels considered safe from a public health point of view. Indeed, the physical action of scouring with detergents and disinfectants and then rinsing eliminates the largest microorganisms. If a surface is not cleaned first, the effectiveness of disinfection may be reduced.

For more information, please visit the Health Canada website.

Office disinfection with a janitorial services company

MOM, long recognized for its signature cleaning services, has designed a disinfection and prevention program specifically to keep its customers at the forefront of the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Our disinfection services are based on the protocols that we follow in various health centers and public transport in Montreal, where our teams help to fight against the spread of the corona virus. Daily cleaning of your workplace and frequent disinfection of high contact points (such as door handles, switches, sinks, taps, toilets, fridge handle, microwave buttons, reception counter, etc.) are highly recommended by the CNESST and by Health Canada. However, budgetary constraints can force to limit the recourse to a professional cleaning company daily, it is then advisable to associate the employees with hygiene measures. For those who wish to disinfect the high contact points between our visits (highly recommended) and wish to provide their employees with protections, we maintain a ready-to-use stock of disinfectant gel, wipes and alcoholic sprays (for computers and personal effects), as well as shoe covers and disposable masks for themselves.

– Disinfection of office buildings by aerial spray: using a nebulizer we diffuse a dry mist of disinfectant of hospital quality certified by Health Canada which kills 99.99% of the virus COVID-19 within seconds of contact. We can also offer steam disinfection when applicable. Disinfecting a workplace is a janitorial service that costs less than $

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/ square foot

– Protection of shops and warehouses by 360 ° spraying of probiotics: Our office cleaning teams will spread on all accessible surfaces of your premises a harmless fog made up of good bacteria (friendly bacteria harmless to humans and property), particularly hungry for dirt and any organic matter. These probiotics, like all bacteria proliferate very quickly as soon as they are activated. In a few hours, beneficial bacteria will invisibly occupy the entire macrobiotic environment of your premises for 10 days, leaving little nutriments or no space for COVID-19 to reproduce and spread, it will eventually perish or be digested over time. The creation of this surface shield is the only preventive measure we can recommend at this time to prevent contamination with the corona virus. Indeed, as soon as disinfected places they are exposed to new infections if they remain open. This is why public transport, airports and more and more public places use probiotics to protect themselves from SARS-CoV-2. The cost of such janitorial services using probiotics is less than 5 cents per square foot for 10 days of protection, after which this nanoscale barrier must be renewed. In the meantime, regular disinfection of the most frequent contact points must be maintained to guarantee the protection of your premises.

– Decontamination of schools, nurseries, businesses or residential buildings is necessary when a proven case of the Covid-19 is declared and our teams are called. In these circumstances, our janitorial teams must comply with a reinforced protocol with higher concentrations, personal protective equipment and more precautions in their interventions.

Cleaning Products

MOM has been an official distributor of Diversey from the start, Diversey is a leader in ecological cleaning and commercial sanitation solutions and the manufacturer of Oxivir Plus, the # 1 disinfectant used to sanitize Montreal hospitals and your workplaces. . Indeed, Oxivir Plus (hydrogen peroxide) has an immediate destructive action on germs and requires no waiting before wiping off dead microbes, thereby reducing the risk of human error. It kills germs on contact and is one of the most effective killers of SARS-CoV-2. Oxivir Plus is listed by Health Canada in the list of disinfectants for hard surfaces to be used against Covid-19: products / disinfectants / covid- 19 / list.html # tbl1. It is therefore more suitable for mechanical action, while for automatic spraying, we use a disinfectant with a lower viscosity, but also certified by Health Canada.

Little reminder: Never use the products in the cupboard of your concierge because our industrial quality products require an appropriate dilution and must be handled with extreme care because some are dangerous.


No specific technique or equipment is required to disinfect workplaces, except when using foggers, which require wearing visor, mask and glove. When contamination has been detected or doubts exist, you must absolutely inform your janitorial services vendor so that the cleaning team can prepare for a stricter protocol (wearing a personal protective suit and disinfecting all equipment). after use). MOM franchise owners and their employees are trained to clean safely, and they understand the importance of maintaining their equipment in good condition, as well as the importance of personal hygiene.

For the vacuum cleaner: all our backpack vacuum cleaners are already equipped with HEPA filters (capable of filtering, in one pass, at least 99.97% of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3 µm). To this end, MOM franchise owners have been asked to increase the frequency of cleaning and renewal of filters.

A new color of rags (yellow) has been introduced and is reserved for the disinfection of corona virus. These microfiber cloths must be changed frequently, washed daily and must never be stored soiled with our customers. They will be taken away during each passage to be cleaned and disinfected at high temperature. We also ask our teams to speed up the renewal of their small equipment and have it changed or washed at a much higher frequency than during normal periods.

On the same principle: MOM cleaning teams must not wear the same clothes and shoes inside and outside, nor wear any clothes two consecutive days. Shoes must be removed and cleaning staff are required to change shoes for an indoor model, or to wear shoe covers at all times on your premises.

We will continue to monitor Health Canada and WHO recommendations and update our practices as necessary. We remain committed to keeping you fully informed of developments.

Safety and health are at the heart of our concerns, that’s why we call on everyone’s responsibility so that we all stay safe. IF your professional cleaning company does not reassure you, then do not hesitate to change it !

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