Disinfection services

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your employees and clients. That is why our disinfection services follow the same protocols we practice daily in Montreal hospitals, Covid-19 screening centres and retirement residences (CHSLDs in Quebec):

  • Hospital grade micro-spray disinfectant 
  • Eliminates 99.99% of viruses
  • Disinfectant product certified by Health Canada
  • Prevention service uses advanced microbial barrier
  • 24/7 Disinfection service from $295

Disinfect and protect your business, offices or facilities with a sanitizing Company like MOM.

Employees cleaning and disinfecting at one of our clients offices in Montreal

Disinfect and protect your establishment with professional
disinfection services

Commercial Disinfection & Sanitization

Using the latest Korean-made electrostatic sprayers, our technicians disperse a mist of microdroplets creating a light fog loaded with hospital grade disinfectant certified by Health Canada for its effectiveness in eliminating Covid-19. This product kills 99.99% of the Covid-19 coronavirus within 10 minutes. Using ULV Foggers and the most effective disinfectants, we provide our customers with a complete disinfection of all surfaces. We also offer mechanical disinfection (manual), where we apply disinfectant products by hand using clean microfiber wipes, which can be useful for high-touch surfaces such as door handles, handrails, switches, faucets, phones, and chairs.

Our commercial disinfecting services are flexible and can be tailored to your type of business. Whether its large offices, commercial buildings or even large residential buildings, we have the equipment, team and experience to help your business.

Office disinfection & sanitization services costs start at 4,5¢/square foot for large surfaces, based on a monthly subscription contract. Sanitization services are also available on an hourly rate for both small offices and to whole commercial buildings.

Contact us for a free quote and to discuss the most efficient and cost-effective way to sanitize your facilities and protect residents, staff and visitors from the coronavirus or the spread of any harmful virus.

For People: The disinfection services we use in your facility are the same ones we apply in Montreal hospitals and CHSLDs. They pose no danger to occupants, who can return to their normal activities 30 minutes after disinfection.

For Properties: The hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant dries after a few minutes and poses no risk to equipment. However, it’s always a good idea to ask employees to put away documents and other items cluttering your office desks and shelves, as our technicians are not permitted to touch personal property. Remember, too, that these objects will prevent the disinfectant product from reaching the surfaces below. There’s also a low risk that the sprayed solution can cause documents to curl.

When a case of Covid-19 contamination is declared, disinfection isn’t enough. You actually need to begin a full decontamination process and hire a professional disinfection company. Disinfection companies have the know-how and equipment to give you peace of mind after a Covid-19 case at your offices. We have disinfection teams across the Montreal area ready for an intervention, 24/7. In these circumstances, our teams follow a strict protocol. This includes the destruction of personal protective equipment after use, and the complete disinfection of our equipment after each application.

Prevention & Sanitization Services

MOM now offers a breakthrough sanitization innovation in protection and prevention against viruses. It’s called probiotic cleaning, and it actually protects and strengthens prevention against contamination from bacteria and viruses, such as Covid-19.

Our disinfection services team uses a 360° spray technology to disperse billions of positive bacteria that create a protective natural microflora. These friendly bacteria destroy harmful pathogens and other organic residues. Our ecological Protection & Prevention solution is safe for people and property and has been in wide use by food manufacturing and transport services for many years. It’s even used to clean ambulances.

With the recent outbreak of infectious diseases, probiotic cleaning is routinely used by janitorial services companies in supermarkets, seniors’ residences, retail shops and other public and commercial spaces.

We also offer an even stronger barrier against COVID 19 with the Sanosil 010 disinfectant. Indeed, this disinfectant contains billions of ionised Silver ions that have a long-lasting protection effect on all surfaces covered. Indeed, those silver ions molecules act like microscopic swords when bacteria such as COVID 19 are getting close to them. They get pierced instantly and die very rapidly

Our probiotic cleaning service is available from 4,5¢/square foot for large surfaces, based on a monthly contract. The service is also available as a single application, for all size offices and types of buildings.

The cost of Sanosil 010 long lasting disinfection effects is much higher, about 2 times the cost of cleaning with Probiotics, so it should be used for special sites and situations that require such a heavy protection (such as public transportation)

Ask us for a quote and to learn more about the best way to thoroughly clean, disinfect and protect your workplace from contamination.

Spraying a probiotic-based cleaning solution is safe and effective in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria that are beneficial to health and the environment. They feed on organic soils and harmful pathogens, such as microbes and viruses. They pose no danger to occupants, who can resume their activity 10 minutes after the spraying.

The layer of probiotics deposited is only a few nanometers thick. It’s invisible, odourless and dries after a few minutes. It poses no danger to equipment, furniture and belongings. However, it’s a good idea to ask staff to put away documents and other items cluttering desks and shelves, as our technicians are not allowed to touch personal property. Keep in mind, too, that these objects will prevent the probiotic spray from reaching the surface below. There’s also a low risk that the sprayed solution may cause documents to slightly curl.

Each has its pros and cons. While probiotics are effective for several days in combating the spread of viruses, they don’t act immediately. By contrast, the action of disinfection services is immediate, but pathogens begin repopulating the spaces soon after. The best strategy is to use a combination of these two services to create a safe environment and maintain it over time. Learn more about the difference between both in our article on the differences between sanitize vs disinfect.

MOM employee disinfecting a classroom at a school using our cleaning services
MOM employee disinfecting a classroom at a school using our cleaning services
MOM employee disinfecting an office at a business using our cleaning services
MOM employee disinfecting a classroom at a school using our cleaning services

Talk to MOM. Better yet, talk to a MOM client. We’re confident they’ll explain why there’s no one quite like MOM.

MOM Cleaning offers A+ service and are extremely responsive to our phone calls and emails. They provide a fantastic cleaning service and we have been using them for a year now. We highly recommend them!
Esther Collins
21:03 04 Jan 21
If I could do more than 5 stars I definitely would! The team members of MOM Cleaning are fantastic to work with! They are quick, detailed, always on time, and extremely reliable. I have been using them for years after a LOT of shopping around and firing many sub-standard cleaning agencies. I finally decided to left a review because these guys surely deserved it. Excellent service!
Lucy Taylor
21:54 29 Dec 20
We moved into our new premises last month and employed MOM Cleaning to take care of our cleaning needs. The staffs that completed the job were prompt, efficient, and super-friendly to deal with. They also discussed the job with us thoroughly before commencing. I would highly recommend MOM Cleaning to anyone looking for professional cleaning services at a very reasonable price.
Bryan Fitzpatrick
17:58 10 Dec 20
Entretien de bureaux excellent et toujours ponctuel malgré le covid. Nettoyage des planchers toujours impeccable, je recommande.
jocelyn fortin
19:59 19 Oct 20
Très impressionné par le professionnalisme de l'équipe et l'attention au détails! Recommande fortement pour l'entretien commercial
simon baribeau
16:29 11 Oct 20
Cela va bientôt faire presque un an que nous opérons avec MOM pour le nettoyage de nos bureaux en centre ville. Nous sommes extrêmement content du service rendu par MOM, par son professionnalisme et une garantie de réponse à toutes nos attentes. Fortement recommandé pour ceux qui souhaitent ne plus se soucier de la propreté de leurs espaces de travails
17:28 23 Jun 20
Je fais nettoyer mes bureaux depuis 2 ans, et je suis ravi du nettoyage! Le personnel est efficace et ponctuel...je recommande sans hésiter!
18:43 26 May 20
After discussing with the neighbouring shops in my mall about their cleaning company, I got to learn about MOM cleaning. After a couple of years having them working on my shop floor and fixtures, I can only give 5 stars and strong recommendations. They are a sincere people’s company and they are really dedicated to make their customer happy. Cleaning is not always AAA, but as soon as I make a remark, they fix it, so really no complain.
Esi Fosuah
16:48 02 Mar 20
Mom cleaning is always responding our requests. We can communicate easily. They are very reactive and they listen to whatever we have to say.
Lea cohen tanugi
16:17 05 Feb 20
Very reliable firm with professional workers. Always great to come back to work knwoing that MOM came clean it! Very good price-quality ratio, can't wait to have them back on Monday!
Diane Saumon
02:57 08 Dec 19
Des équipes à l’heure, un ménage impeccable et un excellent service commercial. Tous les salariés sont ravis de travailler dans un environnement propre et impeccable. Cela valorise l‘Entreprise. En plus on est dans la santé alors il faut que ce soit irréprochable. A recommander. Merci.
Alexandra Frischlander
00:26 08 Dec 19
Je fais nettoyer mes bureaux par MOM Cleaning depuis 3 ans et je n'ai jamais été déçu. Ils sont très sérieux et ponctuels. La qualité de leur service est remarquable et je recommande vraiment cette compagnie de nettoyage, même pour des travaux de réfection de sol. Et en hiver, leur service de nettoyage de tapis est bien pratique !
Laurent S
23:04 07 Dec 19
Their service is amazing, and I will gladly request their assistant in the near futur. Why? Because they are very rapid in their responses, by phone and email, quick with contract work, very professionnal and clean, ponctual avec I feel like I can trust them for any type of industrial cleaning work.
Karine G.
19:27 06 Dec 19
Super happy with the service! my business head quarters are clean and very professional looking. They are always on time, communication is easy and simple. They make our days brighter. We all appreciate a clean office. Thanks!
Lysa-Marie BL
19:17 06 Dec 19
I'm a company owner, very busy and have little time on my hands. MOM cleaning was able to respond rapidly to my emails and call and schedule apointements that worked with my hectic lifestyle. They were rapid, professionnal and accomodating. I am will definitely keep working with them.
Geneviève L.
19:07 06 Dec 19
Nous avons contacté l'entreprise pour une soumission et la réponse fût rapide et claire. Le contrat a été mis en place presque instantanément. Les tarifs sont très compétitifs par rapport aux autres services de nettoyage de qualité. Les employés sont extrêmement professionnelles et demandaient des zones spécifiques qui nécessitaient un nettoyage en profondeur. À la fin, le bureau était impeccable. Je les engagerais certainement à nouveau.
Jessica Leclair
19:04 06 Dec 19
Ce service d'entreprise est génial! Ils sont toujours à l'heure et fiables. Ils nettoient notre entreprise sur une base régulière. Il effectuent un travail minutieux et le contrat est toujours respecté. Nous recommandons fortement leurs services de nettoyage.
Louis LE
19:00 06 Dec 19
Excellent servie! L'équipe était ponctuelle et a été en mesure de tout nettoyer dans les délais exigés. L'endroit avait l'air fantastique quand ils ont eut fini. Je ne peux pas le recommander assez fortement.
Chantal G
18:56 06 Dec 19
Fantastic job at cleaning our company offices before the grand oepning! They were easy to reach and schedule an apointment, even though we were last minute. They have great attention to detail. Our offices looked amazing and professionnal, highly recommend their cleaning services!
Kathleen SD
18:54 06 Dec 19
MOM cleaning offer a great service with grand quality. The team is professional, polite and discrete. i couldn't be more satisfied with their services.I thank their cleaning teams for the work they have done for my company.Cleaness is very important to me and they help me achieve that for my company image.
Cynthia B.
18:51 06 Dec 19
Vos équipes de travail sont d'une sympathie exceptionnelle et d'une honnêteté hors pair. Je vous félicite vous et vos partenaires. Ce fût et ce continue d'être un plaisir de travailler ensemble. MOM cleaning s'assure de la propreté de mon entreprise depuis quelques années, maintenant et je continuerai de faire appel à leurs services. Je les recommande en tout temps. N'hésitez pas!
Marie-Hélène L
18:40 06 Dec 19
Excellente entreprise avec un bon rapport qualité-prix. Le service de nettoyage est rapide et professionnel. C'est une entreprise ponctuelle et qui ne manque jamais a l'appel. J'ai eu quelques bons commentaires de mes clients concernant la propreté des lieux. Si vous recherchez une entreprise fiable, je vous les recommande.
Tania Briere
18:36 06 Dec 19
MOM Cleaning is truly a great company. Their customer service is impeccable and any problem I have had is fixed rapidly. Their employees are detail oriented and dedicated to offering the best service imaginable. They clearly know what they are doing and I have been nothing but completely satisfied. I would undoubtedly recommend to any company for their office cleaning/maintenance.
Christopher Chin Sang
14:40 06 Dec 19
Great company from Montreal with good price for its quality. The customer serviceis outstanding and it's easy to communicate with its employees. They have similar values to my own company and that is why I picked them to clean our offices. I was always happy with the work and I love their professionnalism. I recommend them anytime.
Carolane Daoust
13:50 06 Dec 19
MOM cleaning est une excellente compagnie, très professionnelle et de qualité. Depuis un an maintenant nous sommes en affaires et je suis plus que satisfaite du service rendue. Les employés semblent heureux également et la joie de vivre le fait sentir au sein de cette entreprise! Je les recommande fortement!
Abir Mansour
12:51 06 Dec 19
Je recommande fortement MOM Cleaning. Professionnel, courtois, soucieux de leur travail. Une entreprise a considérer pour vos besoins d'entretien ménager de votre commerce, vous serez satisfait en tout point.
katrine bilodeau
12:28 06 Dec 19
I have used MOM several times over the years for my company and the service is outstanding. It’s hard to find good customer service nowadays but it is in the heart of this company. Rapid responses, quality work and professional staff. I definitely will use them again!
Jessyka C
12:28 06 Dec 19
Une entreprise de nettoyage extra. Une entreprise motivée que je recommande fortement! Nous pouvons leur faire confiance!
21:41 04 Dec 19
Gérante d'un grand magasin à Montréal, je porte une attention particulère à l'entretien de mon commerce et au choix de mon prestataire. Mom Cleaning a su répondre à mes attentes qui étaient élevées. J'ai été extrèmement surprise par leur grand professionnalisme et la qualité des prestations. Un service hors pair que je recommande vivement .
22:05 03 Dec 19
Une excellente entreprise de nettoyage! Le travail est bien fait dans les détails, le suivi et le contrôle de la qualité de chaque prestation sont remarquables. Je recommande à 100%, c'est une entreprise de confiance avec laquelle il est agréable de travailler.
Marie-camille OLIVIER
17:25 03 Dec 19
Amazing Service, great communication and fast to reply! I truly recommend, amazing quality and customer service!
Magali Cuvillier
23:07 02 Dec 19

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