Why Opt for Professional Pressure Washing Services?

The Benefits of Professional Pressure Washing Services

When the time comes to thoroughly clean your residential property or commercial property, especially certain sections where it requires cleaning power for tough stains, hiring pressure washing services are often the best option. You’ll get great value for your money, especially when it comes to enhancing your curb appeal for property owners. Let’s not forget to mention you’ll also avoid injuries, accidents, and accidental damage when it comes to heavy-duty cleaning.

Pressure Cleaning Services: Personal Safety Comes First

Many people don’t know it, but water pressure washing causes hundreds of injuries each year.

The high-powered pressure washer spray—up to 100 times stronger than a typical garden hose—can cause serious skin, foot, hand, and eye injuries. Even if you’re being extra careful, you could easily harm a passing pedestrian by accidentally spraying a rock in their direction.

A commercial pressure washing company is trained in the safe use of water pressure washers. They have all the necessary protective and state-of-the-art equipment, apply preventive maintenance on their tools and follow the strictest safety rules whether it’s hot water pressure or cold water pressure cleaning.

Avoiding Property Damage with Power Washer

With most power pressure washers, you can adjust the flow rate of the water pressure, calculated in pounds per square inch (psi).

The required pressure varies depending on the cleaning surface. For example, power washers pressure settings differ for brick, roof cleaning and wood walls. Water pressure may also depend on the level of build-up, with more soiled areas usually requiring more pressure to clean a stubborn stain for example.

Pressure washers also have multiple fixed or rotary nozzle models. In general, narrower nozzles are more powerful.

If you’ve never held a pressure washer before, it may be difficult to figure out the proper settings. A poorly calibrated washer can seriously damage your commercial building. For example, applying too much pressure to the entrance siding could cause fissures.

Technicians are skilled in all aspects of pressure washer cleaning solutions and can offer quality service for impeccable results. They know how to adjust their pressure washer (water pressure, nozzle, cleaning agent) according to the type of surface tension and levels of build-up. They also know what materials are not compatible with pressure washing, and are covered by an insurance policy in case of accidents or damage—unlike your neighbourhood handyman that might permanently damage your outdoor furniture.

High-Pressure Washing: Faster, More Efficient

You may be tempted to skip the pressure washer and hand wash some of your surfaces. It’s best to reserve handwashing for fragile exterior surface or small areas. Otherwise, your attempts will lead to a lot of wasted cleaning time, not to mention aches and pains! Inquire about the soft washing service they offer.

Plus, you won’t get the same result as a pressure washing technician.

To save time and focus your efforts elsewhere, don’t hesitate to hire a professional power washing company.

Professional Cleaning: Know-how and Adapted Equipment

No matter the surface you need cleaned (graffiti removal, gutter cleaning, window cleaning), you can count on our superior cleaning services for your property maintenance. They have the expertise for effective high-pressure washing and know the pressure washing techniques needed to restore your driveway, wood fence, sidewalk, eaves, garage floor, stairs, parking lot, or facades to their original splendour. There is nothing like a quality pressure cleaning.

Our technicians’ trucks have all the necessary heavy duty equipment (gas pressure washer, electric pressure washer, adjustable pressure hoses, agitation systems, wire and soft bristle brushes, etc.) to meet your needs. They also have access to boom trucks for cleaning high and difficult to access areas.

Furthermore, all our cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

For effective pressure washing, contact us today to make an appointment. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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