The Necessity of a Clean Retail Store

Photo Credit: Álvaro Serrano

When owning your own brick and mortar space, it’s important to make sure that the space is a positive environment for both your employees and customers. A large part of maintaining a positive environment for everyone is ensuring that your retail space feels and looks good.

While decor is obviously important, maintenance and cleanliness are really what make a space sparkle (pun intended). These are the top reasons to keeping your retail space shining:

1. Customers appreciate and place value on cleanliness

Unclean spaces and unpleasant odours are huge deterrents for customers. When they come into your space, they want to feel as though they are being cared for, and how could they feel that if the employees can’t even care for the store itself? Seeing that the space is taken care of allows them to feel at ease and is highly influential on their overall experience.

2. Your employees productivity and happiness

Nobody wants to work in filth. If your employees are coming in everyday to an unsanitary environment, there’s a high chance that it’s greatly affecting their overall happiness. Furthermore, if they are unhappy, it’s likely that they are less productive throughout the day.

3. Attracting new customers

In order for your business to continue to be profitable, you have to constantly be working hard on attracting new customers. People are not likely to want to come into your space if it’s unclean and messy. The off-putting appearance is usually enough to deter a possible new customer and keep them from ever coming back.

4. Customer satisfaction and experience

When working in retail, the emphasis is usually placed on customer experience and satisfaction. In an unclean environment, it is very difficult for anyone to feel completely comfortable or at ease. Therefore, by not taking care of your space’s cleanliness, you are also by default, not taking care of your customer. And everyone knows, an overall positive customer experience is directly correlated to the possibility of making a purchase.

5. Pride

It’s your space, don’t you want to show it off? You’ve gone and bought this business, so if you’re not taking good care of it, you’re not sending a message that you are proud of it. You’ve invested time and money into the space you have, make sure to show your dedication to it by making sure the upkeep is happening.


Retailers everywhere need to recognize the necessity of keeping a clean environment and a tidy and organized space all around. Having your staff on board as well to help at all times can really assist you in maintaining the space. If you want to keep the customers coming in and enjoying their experiences, make sure that you’ve got a janitorial plan in place!

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