What’s Janitorial Services?

What comes to your mind when you think about a “janitor” or “janitorial services”? Most likely, you’re reminded of a cleaning worker in a store, that is mopping and sweeping the floors, and putting up yellow cones to indicate a slippery floor. These individuals work a very thankless but essential job, and COVID-19 has demonstrated once again, how important proper commercial cleaning services are. 

It is easy to forget how complex janitorial services can be. But, with the right commercial cleaning company and cleaning team, you might never come to that conclusion. The things that we all notice will be the pampered floors, the lack of dust, and how beautiful that office space appears. However, if you don’t know what’s janitorial services or what types of commercial cleaning services are available, you won’t know how to request that certain assignments be done. 

We put together this list of janitorial services provided by most cleaning businesses, so you know what to expect. What’s janitorial services? 

The Three Most Important Items That Should Be Included in Any Janitorial Service Provided 

 While all of the services mentioned below are useful and necessary, some of them may not be required in your office building, office, or house. Each of the commercial spaces has its own special needs and cleanliness requirements. 

What does janitorial services include? Request a personalized quote where you can pick and choose the cleaning services you need rather than paying for cleaning activities you don’t need. We’ll take you through the process and compare your list to what our experts suggest for cleaning tasks. With no secret fees and upfront charges, we’ll make sure you know precisely what you’re having. 

  1. Floor Maintenance
  2. One of the most common services offered by janitorial firms is floor maintenance. However, not every janitorial cleaning services company is capable of cleaning all the different types of floors. Each type of flooring cleaning job requires an altered cleaning regimen. Even carpet cleaning requires special attention, as not all carpets are created “equal”. Do you have any specific flooring choices, such as marble, brick, or hardwood? This could heavily influence which type of cleaning or maintenance you’ll receive. 

     You’ll want to select a company that offers refinishing and cleaning services to suit the particular floor care specifications. Ensure that the service you receive is a trustworthy one with experience with the maintenance requirements for your specific types of floors. 

     MOM Cleaning can handle any type of floor without any problems: 

    • Carpeting; 
    • Hardwood; 
    • Marble; 
    • Stone;
    • Raised Floors. 

    And anything else in-between! 

  3. All-in-one cleaning
  4. The majority of businesses shopping for janitorial facilities want a one-stop-shop. 

    You should aim for a cleaning service to come in and vacuum all the chairs, stairs, and windows for them. Trash collection and recycling on a regular basis may also be on their list of required facilities. Not every building needs everyday cleaning duties, but that is why it is so important to negotiate and understand your cleaning priorities and needs when you hire a company to do it on your behalf. Since each types of services for cleaning is tailored to your individual needs, all-in-one cleaning tasks will provide the following services, among many others: 

  5. Specialized Janitorial Cleaning Services
  6. Special occasions necessitate spotless of the office. You must ensure that the janitorial company you select is capable of handling any of the types of cleaning requirements. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to hire several cleaning service provider agencies to complete the tasks. We provide event cleaning and post-construction cleaning services, as well as versatile manpower. 

    We truly appreciate and understand why you need an organization that will help you clean up after incidents and renovation projects quickly and efficiently, that will disinfect your work place within hours after a COVID-19 case is found.

How to Get the Janitorial Services That You Need? 

Knowing what industry is janitorial services and what resources are available, gives you the information you need to request bids. Different businesses specialize in different things. You’ll need to do your homework to make sure they’ll be able to fulfill your cleaning requirements. Don’t just pick some business to get a quote from, pick a professional cleaning company that complies with all the commercial cleaning requirements. Inquire with other business owners about the cleaning and maintenance services they use. 

Pay attention to what they have to say and take a look at their structure for yourself. Before you decide to get a quote, you’ll be able to see how good of a job their cleaning business is doing. 

Do not hesitate to ask for a trial period of at duration of at least a month or two, to find out how the quote translate into an actual scope of work and what’s janitorial services you are really getting. 

Listen to their feedback and take a look at their building for yourself. You’ll be able to tell how good of a job their cleaning company is doing before you decide to get a quote. 

Any firm you want to hire must undergo a background search. Furthermore, since you will be held accountable for any incident while working at your house, you’ll need to inquire about their liability insurance. Beforehand, prepare a few questions that you would like to ask them and jot down their answer(s). The answers and questions are equally important in the process. 

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